What is Plumbing Stoppage?

Plumbing stoppage is defined as a problem where the drain line, sewer, or toilet in the plumbing system is being blocked. These are the three main places where a stoppage occurs and it does not take too much work to clear it.

It might be due to oils or fats or chunks of food or shower hair, depending on the placement of the pipes. Here’s all you need to know to clear a stoppage.

How It Happens

The first sign is when you see that the draining isn’t happening as swiftly as it should. This means that the drain line is getting clogged. When a toilet, bathtub or sink is clogged, it needs to be taken care of right away otherwise it turns into a nightmare.

A lot of plumbing stoppages can be handled at home but every now and then there might be a big plumbing stoppage which then calls for a professional eye. If you suspect that the problem is big, don’t try to sort it out on your own by pouring drainers into the line because that might sometimes aggravate the problem.

A good professional will have a whole range of tools to deal with the many kinds of stoppages that occur in a structure. Whether it is a toilet or garbage disposal, they will know what to do with all kinds of clogs.

Some of them even do video inspections if they suspect that the drain is heavily clogged. This is usually helpful if there are roots growing in the pipelines.

Types of Stoppages

Now, there are many different types of plumbing stoppages. Here’s what you need to know about them in order to know whether you can fix them yourself or need to call a professional.

Having a basic knowledge of the system also helps you explain the problem to your plumber in better terms.


Kitchen sinks are often recipients of oils, greases and fats. These are very often the culprits for the clogging of the drain connected to it. Even the garbage disposal can do only so much.

When there is too much oil or grease in the pipe, the insides get coated with the debris and it’s hard to get rid of them with water. That’s when the pipe gets clogged and you have a problem at hand.

Since prevention is always better than cure, wipe the dishes that go into the sink instead of emptying them in the sink. Get rid of leftovers the same way. Pay close attention to meat because it takes longer to break into pieces. And get a drain filter.


This is another place in the house that is a very common spot for a stoppage. Plumbing problems in the bathroom are caused by creams and oils. But they are also the result of hair and other oils that flow off your body.

This creates a mat on the inside of the drain pipe and eventually causes a clog. A drain filter is a good idea even for the bathroom and if you clean out shower hair you will be saving yourself from a lot of trouble.


This is not an unknown problem. Toilets were a great invention, but every now and then they get overwhelmed, especially if you flush stuff that you are not supposed to throw in the toilet in the first place.

Remember that the toilet is not meant to flush down pills, baby wipes, sanitary napkins and toilet paper. It has a purpose and only that stuff goes into the toilet drain.

If your kids don’t listen, make them watch what the plumber has to do the next time it happens. Or even better, give them a plunger or drain snake and let them fix it.

Because of Dangerous Drainers

A lot of people like to pour a little Drain-O to solve the problem instead of metaphorically getting their hands dirty. This is a quick and relatively clean solution. But it is actually a pretty bad idea for more reasons than one.

First of all, this is a harsh chemical that can damage your pipes in the long run. It is also caustic and dangerous to use even for the purposes of cleaning. So, it leads to a bigger stoppage problem instead of a simple clog which was likely your initial trouble.

Outside Factors

It’s not just what you put in the drain. Sometimes the problem comes from the outside. A really good example of this problem is the growth of tree roots in the piping system.

This happens regularly if you don’t keep an eye on your property and remove weeds growing on the walls. Tree roots are totally capable of breaking the outside drains of your plumbing system.

This is capable of causing a massive stoppage problem. You can also expect debris like mold, insects, leaves and sticks to make their way into your plumbing system. A professional can help you diagnose and sort out the problem with no damage to the pipes.

Piping Problems

Speaking of pipes, most of them are made of galvanized steel or copper. These tend to break down over time. And when that happens, little chunks of them are likely to get washed down. That can cause a serious stoppage.

You need to get rid of these pieces as soon as possible and repair the pipes so that it does not turn into a flood and also not create water damage.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to be an expert to deal with a regular plumbing stoppage issue. If you have tools like a plunger or a snake drain, a lot of this can get fixed at home.

In some cases, you might need a hook at the end of the drain snake to get rid of the stubborn debris. Make sure it is slightly heavy and is bent so as to form a hook.

You will also find some eco-friendly, non-caustic drainers that can help you with a medium-sized stoppage issue. These are quite easily found online or in your hardware store. Just be careful and wear protective gear like gloves when dealing with these because they can burn your hands.

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