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We’re just a group of average joes who love anything and everything related to home improvement.

Our mission

If you’re a new homeowner, you’ll know first-hand that DIY repairs and projects can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you learn everything you need to know in an easy and stress-free way.

How it works

We write guides on a variety of topics that include what to buy and how to go about doing certain projects. You can just search for what you want to learn, and find the guide that’s right for you. 

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Find the Right Tools

The first step as a new homeowner is making sure you have the right tools to tackle any project that comes your way. We spent some time thinking about what tools you’ll ACTUALLY need, and then we created a guide talking about what the tools are and what they are good for.

Buyer's Guides

If you’re interested in getting the best tools and supplies possible, check out our buyer guides. We review power tools, hand tools, and everything in between.

How-to Guides

What’s a home improvement website without guides on how to do DIY/Repair projects? We are constantly adding home improvement guides to our site, so keep an eye on it often!

"“We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.”

Winston Churchill
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