About Us

PVCWorkshop is a plumbing educational resource that provides free information and recommendations for those looking to learn more about plumbing. The website offers step-by-step guides, tutorials, and an extensive library of articles on topics ranging from drain cleaning to fixture installation. PVCWorkshop is an excellent resource for both beginner and experienced plumbers alike. In addition to providing helpful how-tos, the site also offers product reviews and recommendations, making it easy to find the right tools and materials for your next project.

Our Story

Plumbing can be complicated, and that can be frustrating. We felt like there wasn’t a resource out there that was solely dedicated to plumbing. There are plenty of general home improvement websites, but we wanted to create a space that was specifically geared towards plumbing. We want to help people learn more about this trade and empower them to tackle projects on their own. That way, they can save money and avoid the hassle of calling a professional for every little repair.

We created PVCWorkshop to be that resource.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide clear, concise information that is easy to understand. We want to help people feel confident about taking on plumbing projects, whether they’re simple or complex.

PVCWorkshop is run by a team of experienced writers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. We hope you find our site helpful and informative!

Core Values

  • Quality Information – We believe that quality information is essential. We strive to provide accurate, well-researched articles that are easy to understand.
  • DIY Empowerment – We believe in empowering people to tackle projects on their own. We want to help people save money and learn new skills.
  • Community – We believe in building a community of like-minded individuals. We welcome comments, questions, and suggestions.

Thank you for being a part of PVCWorkshop! If you have any questions or comments, visit our contact page.

– The PVCWorkshop Team