What is Liquid Plumber?


Liquid Plumber (i.e. “Liquid Plumr”) is a drain cleaner that contains sodium hydroxide and has the ability to dissolve grease, fat, oil, and sludge. It can be used with any pipes made of plastic, copper, steel, or cast iron, as well as on showers, baths, sinks, and drains liners.

The product also contains corrosion inhibitors that protect the pipes from any damage. This allows the product to be used even in households with septic tanks.

Application of Liquid Plumber is easy, simply shake well before use. It can be applied by pouring the required amount into the drain or onto a cloth for cleaning sinks and showers. The product will keep on dissolving for up to 4 hours.

How does liquid plumber work?

Liquid Plumber works by breaking the grease and turning it into a liquid form, which can be easily washed away. To do this, the product reacts with water and turns it alkaline (pH 14). It is important to note that while some chemicals work together, Sodium hydroxide and grease react violently. This reaction heats up to more than 100 degrees Celsius and can cause burns or even an explosion if not handled properly. Always follow the instructions on the packaging when using Liquid Plumber.

Is liquid plumber safe for plastic pipes?

Liquid plumber is safe for all types of pipes such as plastic, copper, steel, and cast iron. The corrosion inhibitors in the product protect the pipes from damage. However, it is recommended that one wait at least 2 hours before using water again on areas cleaned by Liquid Plumber.

How long does it take for liquid plumber to work?

Liquid Plumber can take anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour to dissolve the grease and oil. The time taken depends on the amount of grease and oil in your pipes.

Is Liquid Plumber environmentally friendly?

Liquid Plumber is a biodegradable and nonflammable product that does not release any harmful fumes into the environment. It can also be safely poured down the drain after usage. However, we recommend that you read the instructions on the packaging for proper usage.

Does Liquid Plumber work in standing water?

No, Liquid Plumber does not dissolve grease in standing water. This means that it is necessary to remove all the standing water in your drain before applying Liquid Plumber for it to work effectively.

Does Liquid Plumber work on septic tanks?

Liquid Plumber can be used on septic tanks, as well as any other drain lines. However, since sodium hydroxide is corrosive, one must wait at least 2 hours before the drain is used again.

Does Liquid Plumber work on kitchen sinks?

Yes, Liquid Plumber can be used for kitchen sinks as well as on bathtubs and showers. Ensure that you use it on a cloth or into the drain hole to prevent splashing on your skin.

Does Liquid Plumber work on toilets?

Yes, Liquid Plumber can be used on toilets as well. It is applied by pouring the required amount into the bowl or onto a cloth and wiping it around. However, for best results ensure that you flush after 10 minutes.

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