What is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec plumbing is a plumbing and piping solution that has often been used as an alternative to PVC or copper piping. These pipes are generally made using polyethylene.

In addition, Kitec plumbing pipes tend to be more affordable as compared to the other options, which is why they were popularly used.

However, these pipes generally do not last for a long time since they are prone to breakages and leaks.

Let’s take a more detailed look into this kind of plumbing.

How Does It Work?

Kitec plumbing is installed in the same way as other kinds of pipes are installed. Their functioning is similar as well in terms of transporting and supplying water to the fixtures inside your house.

Usually, these pipes are orange and blue in color with the orange pipes carrying hot water and blue pipes carrying cold water.

These pipes can also be used to connect the heating appliances and system in the house.

These pipes further comprise aluminum linings and brass fittings to connect them with each other.

How Long Does It Last?

Kitec plumbing does not last very long. In fact, these pipes were recalled within ten years after they were brought out and installed due to the fact that they led to corrosion and too many bursts and leaks.

This poor quality and flimsy structure are, thus, not durable beyond a certain point. This can reverse the process of installing them as you might need to spend additional money to remove them and replace them.

Overall, they were in the market for a short period of time and are no longer used due to a class-action lawsuit filed against their manufacturers.

How Can You Identify Kitec Plumbing?

You can identify Kitec plumbing through the following points or identifiers:

  • They are orange and blue in color. Some of them might also be gray or red.
  • They are thin and flexible in appearance as they are made from polymer.
  • They have an aluminum lining along with the polymer material.
  • They come with brass fittings that connect the pipes with each other.
  • There might be a Kitec label on them or a yellow-colored sticker around the system.
  • Brand names such as IPEX, AQUA, WarmRite, XPA and more might be present on Kitec plumbing.
  • You can ask your building owner or a plumber to identify the plumbing for you.

How Safe Is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec plumbing is not a safe and reliable option when it comes to carrying the entire plumbing system of your house on its back. You can go through some of its potential dangers below.


Since Kitec plumbing is not that durable and efficient due to its material and manufacturing, its pipes can undergo plenty of damage due to the pressure of the water or air inside these pipes.

This can cause these pipes to crack easily, leading to leaks around the system that can lead to loss and wastage.

In an extreme case, this can also be damaging for the structure of your house as it can spread the water and gases around the house.


Kitec plumbing is prone to bursting often. In fact, whenever there are any leaks in these pipes, they can burst and pour open, leading to a lot of structural in and around the plumbing system.

This becomes even more dangerous due to the brass fittings between these pipes. These can lead to a process called dezincification that can lead to chemical reactions, corrosion and blockages.

Thus, these fittings along with the thin pipes can increase the chances of bursting.

Heat Damage

While Kitec plumbing comes with separate orange-colored pipes for hot water, these pipes cannot withstand too much heat beyond a certain degree.

This can be damaging to the pipes because other heating appliances usually have a higher threshold. They tend to heat up the water to a much higher temperature which then passes through the pipes to reach other fixtures and devices in your house.

When this hot water passes through the Kitec pipes, it can either cause them to crack or leak. It can also reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the plumbing system even more.

Expensive Repairs

Kitec plumbing is bound to undergo plenty of damage while it is installed in your house. This can then lead to you making lots of repairs to these pipes and taking extra measures to keep them in working condition.

While these repairs can give you some additional time to keep the plumbing system in place, they can also add to the overall costs of maintaining them.

This is because of the steps involved in fixing these pipes. Moreover, since this kind of plumbing is no longer manufactured and installed, they have now become outdated.

This can increase the costs even more along with the frequency with which you need to make repairs.

Insurance Restrictions

Since Kitec plumbing is outdated and risky to cover, several insurance companies might avoid covering it in their insurance policies. If they do cover it, they might increase the costs or ask you to make a few changes.

They might also ask you to cover the costs involved in repairs and damages, which could make the insurance ineffective.

It is, however, important to be transparent with your insurance company about the kind of plumbing you have so that they can make the necessary recommendations.

What Should You Do with Kitec Plumbing?

You can try to replace your Kitec plumbing with more efficient options. You can also look into exploring the option of selling your house.

In case you have already filed a claim for settlement, you can track the procedure and relevant updates.

Final Remarks

Through this article, you now have all the relevant information about Kitec plumbing, including how it works, its lifespan, how you can identify it, how safe it is and what you can do if you have this kind of plumbing system in your house.

Overall, Kitec plumbing is an unsafe and inefficient option, making it best for you to avoid it as far as possible.

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