What is a Moen Dialcet?


A Moen Dialcet faucet is a brand name of a faucet. Moen makes all kinds of faucets for your sinks and tubs, and the Dialcet is one of their most popular brands.  

Dialcet faucets are available in many designs and configurations including goosenecks, pull-down, and wall-mounted.

Moen faucets use a cartridge to control water flow for both the hot and cold running water. Moen makes cartridges in various styles that can be used with different types of handles, but all cartridges have a common operating principle. The inner parts of a cartridge are square in shape and linked together with springs, allowing them to move back and forth in a controlled manner.

The cartridge is attached to the handle and rod and also mounted inside of the faucet body, where it can move up and down when working with hot and cold water. A spindle connects the cartridge to the stem, which allows for rotation of the inner parts of the cartridge. The stem is connected to the faucet handle, and as it turns the cartridge is moved up or down.

This movement opens and closes an internal valve that controls water flow. When you turn on a Moen faucet, the springs attached to the cartridge push out and rotate the stem and spindle so hot and cold water can pass through the cartridge and out of the faucet.

How to figure out my Moen Dialcet faucet model?

When you go to buy a new faucet or just want to know what is your current model, there are four options available: 1) look at the packaging with your purchase information; 2) check with your plumber if he can tell you which model number you have; 3) visit Moen online resources for this purpose; 4) or just go to a Moen dealer and ask them which model number is on your faucet. You can contact Moen’s customer support here: https://www.moen.com/customer-support/contact-us.

How do I know what Moen cartridge I need?

If you are having problems with the faucet, it is important to get a new cartridge right away. Luckily, Moen makes it easy to find the correct cartridge for your model so you don’t have to spend any time shopping around. All cartridges are color-coded and can be found by looking at the handle that came with your faucet and finding the corresponding code. If you need a replacement, it is very easy to find the right one.

How to Remove a Moen Dialcet?

In order to remove a Moen faucet, first, you must turn off the water supply so there is no risk of flooding or injuries. There are only three things that need to be removed before taking out your faucet: 1) the cap cover, 2) the screw under this cover, 3) and the screw that holds your faucet to the sink. Once you remove these screws, it should be easy to detach your faucet.

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