What is a Blow Bag?


A blow bag is a plumbing tool that is used to clear clogs in pipes and drains. A blow bag is also known as a flush bag or expansion nozzle.

Uses of a Blow Bag

Usually, in any house, the water supply is built to work with pressure. The water that comes through faucets, showers and so on has a force that allows it to reach the different parts of the house through the piping system.

The drainage system through which wastewater exits the house cannot incorporate any pressure and the water is pushed through solely due to gravity.

As a result, small pieces of debris, sediments and other materials that enter the drain with the water can accumulate over time to form a clog.

There can be various kinds of clogs caused by different materials. For instance, sand, dust, hair and other debris can form a solid clog where, as soon as the material is removed, the clog opens up.

For this kind of clog, plumbers usually use a drain snake. This tool has an attachment such as a sharp rotating blade that breaks up the debris so that it can get washed away and hence opens up the clog.

However, there is another kind of clog that is more difficult to remove. Soap foam and grease can build up over time to make up a much more stubborn clog that cannot be cleaned with a drain snake.

The drain snake attachment or blade simply passes through the grease clog without breaking it up and hence, the clog remains.

A blow bag can be used to clear up any clogged or slowed drain but it is especially useful for cleaning up grease clogs that cannot be cleaned otherwise.

What Is a Blow Bag?

A blog bag is essentially a bladder made up of thick and strong rubber that has an opening for a hose on one end.

The blow bag in its neutral state is like a deflated balloon that can be inserted into the pipes of any clogged drain. The blow bag looks like a cylindrical bag and can be attached to a garden hose or any other water source.

To increase its effectiveness, you can also attach it to a source of hot water which can help with clearing out stubborn clogs. After this, the blow bag needs to be inserted directly into the drainpipe.

Blow bags should not be inserted into toilets or sink pipes as they can end up detaching from the hose or damaging the system inside.

After inserting the blow bag, the water supply to the hose is turned on. The blow bag fills up with the water and gets inflated inside the drain.

The blow bag then pushes out streams of water at a very high pressure, which washes out anything that is clogging the drain.

While using a blow bag, it is essential to ensure that the pressurized water passes through the clog and not through any alternative opening. If there is an additional drain between the blow bag and the clog, the blow bag will not be helpful.

Summing Up

A blow bag is a simple and effective tool that can be used to clear up clogs in drain pipes, especially those caused by the build-up of grease.

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