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Lug Wrench Spinner

Photo #1

Photo #2


Length of 1-1/2 inch PVC pipe
One 1-1/2 inch PVC cap


Cut the pipe about an inch shorter than your lug wrench. Glue on the cap.

My neighbor showed me this little device. He says it helps remove automotive wheel lug nuts quicker. Just slide it over the end of a lug wrench and you can spin the wrench easily.

I've not used this "spinner," so I don't know if it really works well or not. If you make one, let me know if it's helpful.


Electrical Cord Caddy

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Key Hide Away



Short length of 1-1/4 inch ABS drain pipe
1 1-1/4 inch ABS cap
1 1-1/4 inch ABS coupler
1 1-1/4 inch female threaded adapter
1 1-1/4 inch threaded cap


Cut the drain pipe to a 4-inch length. Glue the fittings with ABS cement. Drop in your house or shop key, screw on the cap snuggly and place in the soil near your door. It looks like a drain clean-out and should fool would-be thieves. It's waterproof and an easy way to hide your keys. As an alternative, you can bury the whole thing in the soil.

Quilting Frame

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 Storage Container

Drill a hole 1-inch from the bottom and attach each pipe to the board with 1 1/2-inch self-tapping wood screws.

The board shown is a scrap of 1 x 6-inch, cut 10 inches long. A hole is drilled near each of the top edges to fasten the holder to the wall.

Make your container with as many lengths of pipe and any diameter that suits you. Make one row, three rows, ten. The board can be any length you want.

Ideal to keep stuff organized and handy in your office, shop or hobby room.

Build this Fun Model of the
Hubble Telescope

For Free Plans, Visit the Official Hubble Website

 Clothes Rack


Portable Laptop Desk

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PVC Flute

Photo #1

Photo #2


Photo #3

Photo #4


12-inch length of 1/2-inch thinwall PVC pipe
1-1/4 inch length of 1/2-inch thinwall PVC pipe
1-1/4 inch length of 3/4-inch wooden dowel


Measure 1-1/4 inches from one end of 12-inch pipe and mark with a pencil. Drill a 5/16-inch hole so that the "side" of the hole touches the pencil mark. The hole must be on the outside of the mark. Drill six 5/16-inch holes randomly on the pipe (see Photo #4).

Use scissors to cut the pipe to the hole (see Photo #2). File the rounded end of the finished slot to a 45 angle. Cut the wooden dowel to length, sand smooth, and insert it into the pipe (see Photo #3).

Next, cut the 1-1/4 inch pipe lengthwise with scissors to open it, then "clamp" it over end of the 12-inch pipe and dowel (see Photo #3). Note the air passageway.

Tip: be sure to de-burr, sand the cut marks and wash the finished flute clean.

Experiment with the hole sizes and placement along the length of the pipe for different pitch and note.

Fitting Removal Jig

Sometimes it's difficult to remove unglued, stubborn fittings from pipe. I solved the problem by attaching a couple of different lengths and diameter wooden dowels to a scrap 4 x 6-inch board.

Then, just insert the pipe over the appropriate dowel and give it a couple of downward whacks. Works like a charm.

Shop Light Stand

Photo 1


3 3/4-inch Tees
4 3/4-inch Ells
6 8-inch lengths of 3/4-inch PVC pipe
1 6-foot length of 3/4-inch PVC pipe


Glue the six 8-inch lengths of pipe as shown in Photo 1. For easy storage, don't glue the six foot upright length to the base.

Clamp on a shop light, or several. Stand can also be used for photographic lighting.

Pick Up Bed Extender

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Bolo Ball Game Stand

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Guess I had one of those forehead-slapping "oh, duh!" moments when the idea for this project came to me one afternoon after playing Bolo Ball (also known as Hillbilly Golf, Ladder Ball and Bolo Toss).

Anyway, I put this thing together in about a half hour and it makes a dandy stand for the game. Paint the complete Bolo Ball set and it'll make a nice addition to your outdoor fun or for gifts.

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Hanging Lamp

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Potted Plant Watering Stick

A neat way to disperse water into a container plant, such as potted trees, herbs, veggies, flowering plants, and the like - plus keep them from drying out - is to use a length of PVC pipe.

Easy to make. Cut a one-inch diameter pipe slightly longer than the depth of your pot. Randomly drill several 1/8 to half-inch holes around and along the length. Size of the holes depends on how much water you want seeping into the plant over time.

Next, glue on a PVC pipe cap.

Insert the pipe into the pot near the center and fill with water. Add more water when the pipe's empty.

Candle Holder

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


1/2-inch PVC pipe, 13 inches long
3 1/2-inch Tees
2 1/2-inch Caps
Heat gun
9/16-inch (14 mm) diameter spring


Cut two five-inch lengths and two 1-1/2-inch lengths of pipe. Glue the three Tees to the five-inch pipe and the two caps with the 1-1/2 pieces. As you're gluing, lay the project on a flat surface to ensure the Tees are facing the same direction.

Insert the spring through the length of the candle holder to keep the pipe from kinking. Then, with a heat gun, heat one "section" at a time and bend to a 45 angle when the pipe gets soft. Hold in place until cool (about 60 seconds). Repeat the process with the other "section," bending pipe the opposite way (Photo 1). Add more pipe and Tees and bend in various directions for a more unique look.

TIP: the pipe will get hot, so use proper gloves. And work in a well-ventilated area.

Paint your project a festive color.

If you don't want to bend pipe, use 45 Ells. Alternatively, use can create a square candle holder with 3-way fittings (see photo 3) available from firms found on the sources page.

Use PVC Pipe to Help Move Large Objects

When my wife decided to have our carpets shampooed, I had to move a large China cabinet and our entertainment center out of the way. Both are quite heavy.

PVC pipe to the rescue!

With help, I lifted one end of a cabinet and slid a length of 1-inch pipe underneath to act as a roller. Next, I repeated the process at the other end. I then slid a third pipe in the middle and was ready to roll.

As the cabinet rolled off the back roller, I moved the roller to the front and repeated until the cabinet was moved where I wanted it.

I did the same thing with the other cabinet. Simple, quick solution.

Use the same procedure for moving, say, a small garden shed.

Carefully lift the four corners and place blocks underneath. Slide 3 or 4 larger diameter PVC drain pipes under the shed, remove the blocks and start rolling.

How to Measure for Equidistant Spacing to
Drill Holes Around PVC Pipe Circumference

Photo #1

Photo #2

Wrap a length of masking tape around the pipe. Mark where the tape overlaps (Photo #1). Remove the tape and lay it on a flat surface with the marked end on the edge. Divide the tape by the number of holes you want to drill and mark lines on the tape (Photo #2).

Next, replace the tape on the pipe approximately where the holes are to be drilled, measure from the end to make sure the marks are lined up where you want them, then drill.

Electric Drill Holster


Cut an 8 to 10-inch length of 4-inch PVC drain pipe. Then, cut a 2-inch by 2-inch notch at one end. Smooth off any burrs, drill a 1/8-inch hole into the pipe at the opposite "side" of the notch and fasten the holster to a wall, workbench, or wherever, with a flathead screw.

I placed mine on a workbench leg, out of the way, but within easy reach.

Extra Tool & Hardware Storage Idea

Grab a length of one-inch PVC pipe and cut it to the length of your pegboard. Near the top of the pegboard, install two to four eyehooks (depending on the pipe length... you don't want the pipe to sag) that will accommodate the diameter of your pipe.

Then slide the pipe through the eyehooks. Next, get a bunch of "S" hooks and hook 'em on the pipe.

Now you can hang tools, hardware or whatever on the other end of the "S" hooks.

Actually, you can install these PVC pipe "hangers" in rows along your wall and lay up lots of stuff, out of the way, but not out of sight.



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Shop Vacuum Filter



Often, I sand with really fine sandpaper, which can blow through my shop vac. filters when I clean up. I solved the problem by inserting a 1-1/2 inch PVC elbow into the exhaust port. Perfect fit. (You'll need to experiment for size if your vacuum is different than my Ridgid model. A short length of PVC pipe might work better for you.) Then I attached an old pillowcase to the fitting with a hose clamp. Presto! Problem solved. If you don't get quite the fit you want, wrap duct tape around the fitting or pipe.

End Table



1-inch PVC pipe
6 1-inch Tees
4 1-inch Ells
4 Inside Caps
Block of Interesting Wood


I found this chunk of wood in a friend's shop. He gave it to me and I polished it up a bit. You can see how to assemble a table frame in the above photo. That should give you ideas about how to make your own table. Dimensions, of course, will vary.

Insert four to six wood screws from under the two top lengths of pipe and into the wood. I plan on painting the frame later.

Trash Bag Dispenser


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Flower Pot Caddy

PVCpotcaddy PVCpotcaddy2


1-1/4 inch PVC pipe
4 Caps
1 Cross
4 Swivel Casters
4 Lock Nuts


For my flower pot, I cut four lengths of pipe 4-1/2 inches long. Then drilled one hole into each of the four lengths of pipe, 2 inches from one end. (The casters I got at Home Depot required 3/8-inch holes.)

Next I attached the casters to the pipe with the lock nuts. And then inserted the pipe into the cross and tapped on the caps.

Laptop Caddy


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Handy Garden Hose Caddy


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Toothbrush Holder

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


Two 3-inch PVC drain pipe caps
2-1/2 inch length of PVC drain pipe scrap
Plaster of Paris


With a compass, draw a 3/4-inch circle in the middle of one cap. Bisect it with four half-inch holes (larger, if need be) to hold toothbrushes.

Drill a one-inch hole in the center of the second cap. Glue the caps together with the 2-1/2 inch pipe scrap. Clean any burrs with a rat-tail file.

IMPORTANT: Leave a 1/16 space (photo 2).

Next, file off any bumps and markings on the caps with a flat file and rough up with sandpaper. 

I then filled the space with plaster of Paris, but most any non-shrink wallboard hole filler should work. Let the filler dry, then sand it smooth to blend in. Wipe thoroughly with a tack cloth. Lastly, spray paint the toothbrush holder.

Knitting Noddy



1 18-inch length of 1/2-inch PVC pipe
4 6-inch lengths of 1/2-inch PVC pipe
2 1/2-inch Tees


Cut the pipe to length and connect as shown in the above photo. Glue the pipe to the tees... except do not glue the 18-inch pipe to one of the tees so that you can twist it flat for easier storage.

Note: some naughty knitters dye yarn on their noddy, then heat it in the kitchen oven. DON'T DO IT with this PVC knitting-noddy. Not only will the pipe warp, it may give off noxious and dangerous fumes. If you want to dye your yarn, consider testing 1/2-inch high temperature CPVC pipe or stick to dying on noddies made with wood.

Toilet Bolt Covers

I just got back home from helping a friend get his rental house back into shape. The previous tenant had broken off the odd-size plastic toilet bolt covers, leaving the bolts exposed.

So I grabbed a couple of 3/4-inch PVC caps and set them over the bolts. They fit perfectly.

This temporary fix won't work every time for every situation. (You can likely get replacements, if you can find the same brand.)

But, if need be, give it try. It might be a good solution until your toilet is replaced or you install new bolts and covers.

Whisper Phone



3 or 4-inch length of 1/2-inch PVC Pipe
1 1/2 or 2-inch length of 1/2-inch PVC Pipe
3 1/2-inch Elbows


Merely cut the pipe to length (depending on size/age of child) and glue the elbows as shown in the photo. 


This simple, plain-looking "acoustical voice-feedback" device helps young students better hear the sounds that make up words (called phonemes) as they learn to read and spell.

It raises the phonemic awareness and optimizes language processing.

In addition, when youngsters hear their own voice, it encourages them to speak softly which, in turn, can lead to a more quiet teaching/learning atmosphere.

I've seen commercially produced (and much fancier looking) whisper phones selling from $8 to $10. You can make several from a 10-foot length of PVC pipe for around 50 each.

Paint 'em in cheerful colors.

Kids can also have fun with them as toy phones.

Water Stick


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Tee-Shirt Dryer/Hanger


PVCteeshirthanger2 PVCteeshirthanger3


3/4-inch PVC pipe, approx. 25 feet
Six 3/4-inch Tees
Ten 3/4-inch Ells


Each Tee-Shirt Dryer/Hanger will be different, according to your shirt size. I cut lengths of pipe for my hanger, as follows: 20-inches for the horizontal pipe and 30-inches for the vertical. I separated the Tees with 4-inch lengths of pipe, and 2-inch for the bottom corners.

Layout a tee-shirt and measure across the shoulder to get the width for your hanger. Add about a half-inch in order to slightly stretch your shirt. Then reduce that number by 2-inches when you cut your pipe to accommodate the extra width of the Ells. Same with the verticals.

Add as many "hangers" as you want.

Glue the upper sections of the project and the base. But don't glue the two together, if you want to take it apart for storage.

Tip: Your project would look a bit better by substituting 3-way fittings for the Ells on the base. (See photo.) They're available from some of the firms listed on the sources page.

Now you'll never have to iron your tee-shirt again.


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