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Amaze yourself. Make something great with PVC pipe. All the plans in the PVC Encyclopedia come with photos, step-by-step assembly instructions and a complete materials list.

Now you can put together all these PVC projects and more...

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Chairs  Love Seat Bar Stool Papa's Chair (heavy-duty) End Tables Coffee Table Serving Cart Lamps Room Divider/Privacy Screen Shelving

Household Items and Accessories

CD/DVD Holder Garbage Can Cart Wine Rack Mini Folding Table Ironing Board Aid Old Fashion Clothes Dryer Computer Module Fire Escape Ladder Lamps Trivet Table Dolly Sign Holders (for garage sales, etc.) Shaving Set Christmas and Hanukkah Decorations Can Bagger

Kids Furniture and Toys

Sand/Water Play Table Chair Table Bike Stand High Chair (2 different designs) Skeeter Speeder Skeeter Skooter Doodlebug Tyke-Trike Tiny Tot Teeter-Totter Mini-Marshmallow Shooters (3 different designs) Kaleidoscopes (2 different designs)

Doll Furniture

Dining Chair Dining Table Love Seat Ice Cream Parlor Chair Ice Cream Parlor Table High Chair Chaise Lounge Single Bed with Headboard Bunk Bed Swing Set Buddy Swing Set Doll Stroller Doll House

Pet Furnishing and Equipment

Gerbil/Hedgehog/Small Animal Exercise Wheel Double Tower Aquarium Fish Caves Fish Trap Dog & Cat Bed Cat Nap and Play Tower Dog Disability and Mobility Walker Dog Cart Dog House Bird Feeder Bird Perch

Shop, Garage & Craft Room Projects

Cordless Drill Holder Electric Cord Holder Dowel Holder Shop Dust Collector Plywood Panel Carrier Shop Hooks Paint Can Holder (for Ladders) Clamp Holder Tool Rack Lightweight Clamps PVC Pipe/Lumber Storage Rack

Yard 'n Garden Gear

Watering Stick Bean Trellis Hole Digger Bean Pole Holder Leaf Blower Attachment Lawn Sprinklers Bean Tent PVC Mini-Greenhouse Tomato Frame Plant Basket Wasp, Hornet & Yellow-Jacket Trap Jughead the Scarecrow

Fun Things, Games, Gadgets 'n Gizmos

Bolo-Ball Game (aka ladder toss, hillbilly golf) Artist Easel Fishing Gear Speaker Box Pre-Cane (before you need a real cane) Fun Mobile that twists 'n turns in the breeze Burial Urn Piggy Bank Sports Ball Rack

Garden Cart and Yard Trailer

Complete illustrated plans to make a two-wheel push Garden Cart PLUS a useful Yard Trailer for your lawn tractor/mower

Backyard Gazebo

You can assemble this good-looking octagon-shaped Gazebo in just one weekend. It measures about 9-feet across and 8 feet tall. The easy-does-it plans include...

Pipe Cutting Schedule Frame Assembly Instructions Lattice Installation Instructions Roof Assembly Instructions And loads of photos to make assembling the PVC Gazebo super simple

PVC Cutting, Bending and Drilling Tools Plans

Pipe Bending Jig: Get the same radius each time you bend pipe for duplicate projects. Very helpful in creating all kinds of interesting PVC projects. (Includes bonus plans for a heavy-duty Bending Jig.)

Pipe Cutting Tool: You'll get the exact same length each and every time. (Also... bonus plans for a lengthwise Cutting Jig.)

Pipe Drilling Tool: Simply lay the pipe on the drilling sled I devised, clamp it and drill. Then move the sled to the next stop and drill again. All the holes will be in line like they're supposed to be. It works pretty slick.


Tips, techniques, materials lists for each project along with detailed instructions to clean, paint and bend PVC pipe!

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Mick Olwain, Washington

"Waaaay past excellent! I knew I was going to learn a lot, but was blown away at the quality & detail. Thanks."

Dorothy Nelson, Indiana

You'll get all 133 PVC plans loaded into the Official PVC Workshop's Project Plans Encyclopedia.

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