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You'll be glad to know that you don't need special skills, "talent with tools" or a large workspace to make things with versatile PVC pipe. You can even get started on a card table. All you need is a saw, measuring tape and a pencil. Then just measure, cut and insert the pipe into fittings.

     That's all there is to it. (Sort of like playing with Tinker Toys®.) You see, it's "as easy as 1-2-3 when you make it with PVC."

     And right now is a dandy time to poke around the Workshop.


     Because here at the Workshop you’ll find free helpful articles, tips, techniques, ideas and plans. Plus you can get detailed plans for making interesting projects with one of the world's most affordable materials... ordinary PVC pipe.

     For example, you can put together your own

furniture... toys... games... tools... crafts... pet
things... yard 'n garden items... gifts...
gadgets.. gizmos...
you name it!

     So if you enjoy slipping into a pair of jeans and working with your hands, you'll love crafting with this low-cost, readily available material. There's really no end to the neat things you can make. You're limited only by your imagination.

     What's more, you'll get a kick out of creating items that you, your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

     How do I know?

     Well, I've been having a ball building stuff with plastic pipe for over 30 years.

     In addition, I've taught tens of thousands of folks in 27 countries how to it.  And I predict you, too, will discover "the hobby that becomes a passion."

     Now, if you'd like to save money by making handy things for your home, shop or office... creating hand-crafted PVC gifts... assembling some entertaining PVC toys for kids... or to even earn money with an enjoyable full or spare time home-based business... then this is for you!

     Go ahead and take a minute or three to look around. You'll find plenty of do-it-yourself projects you're sure to like.

     And thanks for stopping by.

Brooks Owen

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