What is a wheel pipe cutter? Why is it useful?


A wheel pipe cutter (also known as a tubing cutter) is a circular-shaped pipe cutter that utilizes a cutter wheel to cut pipes.

How does a wheel pipe cutter work?

A wheel pipe cutter works by spinning around a pipe. The spinning motion allows the cutter wheel to cut the pipe with minimal effort. The wheel pipe cutter also has an adjustable knob that allows you to tighten the cutter wheel onto the pipe for a more effective cut. Simply slide the pipe into the wheel pipe cutter, tighten the cutter blade, and begin spinning. Do not overtighten the blade as that will make cutting the pipe more difficult.

Why is a wheel pipe cutter useful?

Wheel pipe cutters are great because they have the ability to cut tougher materials like aluminum and steel. This is because the pipe cutter doesn’t require you to squeeze the handles like a standard pipe cutter would. The spinning motion of the wheel cutter requires less exertion while still being effective. In addition, wheel pipe cutters typically require little to no deburring.

What is a 4 wheel pipe cutter?

A 4 wheel pipe cutter is similar to a standard wheel pipe cutter. The only difference is that rather than having 1 or 2 cutter wheels, it has 4.

What does a 4 wheel pipe cutter do?

The additional wheels on a 4 wheel pipe cutter allow you to cut pipes without having to turn the pipe cutter a full 360 degrees. This is useful for cutting pipes located in tight places.