What is a Deburring Tool?


The manufacturing of nearly every object that has holes drilled into it requires the use of deburring tools. This is because when you cut PVC pipes and other materials, it will leave uneven parting lines or jagged edges. Now, the backside of these holes are rather difficult to access. So, you need tools that can even it out without taking up much time or effort.

Deburring tools have been designed to fix these parting lines and jagged edges on any surface. These disturbances on the surface are referred to as burrs which is what gives these tools their name. It’s not a lot more complicated than that. These upsets are created during the casting or machining stages when the object is being manufactured.

Deburring tools are a great way to improve the quality of wooden and some mild metallic objects. Using the right tool for the job also makes it a cost-effective and time-saving choice. You can also use them to smoothen out sharp edges from pipes and drilled holes.

You will find deburring tools in many different sizes in any regular hardware store and most of them are made of high-speed steel. You can use them depending on the object you are trying to fix.

Types of Deburring Tools

Now, once you get to the hardware store, you will notice that there are three main types of deburring tools.

  • Deburring Blades: Also called deburring cutters or zero flute countersinks, these are typically used in lathes and pillar drills. These are basically hand-held drills of a kind and are used along with manual tools. Depending on where you want to use them, you can get them in a number of configurations.
  • Manual: Fairly predictable after the first variety, these deburring tools are some of the most popular models with handymen. They also have a blade but come with a handle too which can be used on different applications. The blades on these tools can be replaced when they are worn out. They are meant to be used only by hand.
  • Rotary: The last type of deburring tools are rotary deburring tools which are used along with power tools, drills and cutting tools. The purpose of these tools is to fix cross-drilled holes in thicker materials. Rotary deburring tools are preferred when the job is all about volume. The idea is to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done.

Wrapping Up

Deburring tools are used not only to smoothen edges but also to sort out chamfered corners of an object. Typically, they are used on any object that is made of wood, nylon, plastic, aluminum and even mild steel and cast iron.

While the tools are made of high-speed steel, when they are used on hard metals, they tend to break rather easily. In fact, if they are used on materials like hardened steel, it could not only break but also ricochet and cause injuries to the person using the deburring tool if they are not wearing protective gear.

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