What Are the Types of Plumbing Services?

Plumbing is an umbrella term that can be used to refer to a wide range of services that involve the supply, movement and disposal of various fluids from your house. These fluids can include anything from potable water, wastewater, fuel and so on.

Plumbing services are offered by plumbers and plumbing professionals. However, plumbing can often tend to be mystified and homeowners are often not very well informed about what the plumbing in their home consists of.

It is important for homeowners to stay informed about plumbing systems so that they can avail themselves of the services they require at the right price. Following are the different types of plumbing services one can avail of.

Leakage Repairs

Leaks are one of the most common issues faced by any household. Leakages can occur due to faulty faucets and taps or there could be issues with the piping. Leakages can affect the supply of clean water or it could be an issue with the sewage disposal pipes.

Leakages can cause a lot of wastage of clean and usable water. Leakages in the disposal system can be hazardous to the health of you and your family if it leads to the accumulation of unhygienic fluids.

Leakages could be caused by simple issues with plumbing fittings or there could be a deeper issue, such as corroded pipes that might require the refitting of the entire system.

Drainage Services

Drainage services are very important for the disposal of wastewater from various parts of the house. The external aspect of this kind of work usually has to do with clogged drains.

Drains can get clogged over time in spite of your best efforts due to the accumulation of small amounts of debris and solid waste. Drains under sinks are especially vulnerable to getting clogged.

Plumbers offer services that involve the cleaning of clogged drains with equipment such as plungers. Other than that, the drainage system and pipes need regular inspection and maintenance to avoid any major issues.

The piping of the drainage system could develop blockages or leakages over time, fixing which also falls under drainage services offered by plumbing.

The drainage system involves underground piping, sewage treatment mechanisms and sewage disposal which carry the waste from the house to the common city septic tank.

All of these aspects require regular servicing, cleaning, repairing, and if need be, replacing. Plumbers use specialized technology and receive professional training to carry out these services in a way that is not hazardous to them and to the occupants of the house.

Gas Services

Though not all plumbers offer gas plumbing services, various aspects of the gas supply in your house do fall under plumbing. Unlike with water, any issues with gas services need to be dealt with immediately or the consequences can be fatal.

Gas plumbing services involve the installation, maintenance and repair of gas pipe fittings. Unlike in regular plumbing, there are appliances that need to be installed by the plumber in order to detect any leakages.

In case of any leakage, plumbers offer urgent services to repair the issue immediately. Besides the supply of gas, there are various apparatus that are involved in gas services such as fireplaces, furnaces, grills, ovens and so on that a plumber installs professionally.

After installation, the various apparatuses need to be regularly inspected and plumbers also offer servicing, maintenance and repairing services for these various apparatuses.

In case you switch from one fuel to another for your gas supply, certified gas plumbers will offer services for the installation of the pipelines as well.

Toilet Repairs

Toilet repairs are a very common part of plumbing services, which can involve unclogging toilets, fixing flush tanks and repairing leakages. Without professional plumbing services, trying to fix a clogged toilet can often lead to more damage. Plumbers use tools such as high-pressure water to remove blockages in toilets.

Plumbing Parts and Appliances

One of the major services offered by plumbers is the installation of various plumbing parts and appliances in the bathrooms, kitchens and so on. Professional plumbing services are required for the installation of such components to avoid any mistakes that will lead to larger issues of leaks and blockages later on.

Installation services include pipes and faucets in bathrooms and installation of showers and toilets. Drains, drainage pipes, sewers, sewage tanks and so on are installed by plumbers as well.

Kitchen sinks and pipes, water heaters around the house, bathtubs and so on are also installed by plumbers.

Besides installation, these parts and appliances require regular inspection, servicing, maintenance and repairs. Plumbers offer their services either when you report a faulty part of the system or as routine check-ups to detect possible issues and suggest solutions.

Mechanical Appliances

There are certain central appliances in your house or building that fall under the purview of plumbing since they involve various fluids and piping systems. This includes cooling systems, heating systems and ventilation as well.

Plumbing services include the installation of heaters, coolers, central heating and so on. Plumbers can also install central cooling systems and ventilation pipes.

Plumbers offer inspection, servicing, maintenance and repair of heating, cooling and ventilation systems as well. In certain contexts, such as in hospitals, plumbers also take care of gas supply pipelines and equipment.

Water Supply

The supply of running water can often be affected by blockages or leakages in the piping system. This can cause disruption in your water supply. Plumbers offer services that include installation, inspection, servicing, maintenance and repairs of water supply systems in the kitchens and bathrooms of your home.

Besides running water, plumbing services also deal with the supply of cold and hot water from specific faucets and maintain the water tanks from where water is supplied for flush tanks, showers,etc.

Bottom Line

Plumbers offer a wide range of services for various parts of the house, including but not limited to the bathroom and the kitchen. Plumbing services essentially deal with all aspects of fluids and piping systems in the house.

Plumbing services include the installation of systems related to water supply, gas supply, disposal of wastewater and sewage and appliances and apparatus that involve water and gas.

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