What Are the Different Types of Plumbers?

As homeowners, all of us have faced common plumbing problems such as broken pipes, leaking faucets, sinks or toilets, clogged drains, or plugged toilets at some point, requiring the services of a plumber. A plumber is essentially a person who installs and repairs plumbing fixtures related to pipes, water supply, sanitation, heating systems, etc.

However, an important thing to understand is that not all plumbing jobs are the same and require a different level of skill and expertise. For instance, a plumber who is skilled at repairing leaky faucets and clearing clogged drains, may not be able to install a bathtub or your heating system.

There are different types of plumbers and you need to find the right plumber who can handle a particular job. And, if you want to know about the different types of plumbers and what jobs they can handle, then read on…

Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers are the most common type of plumbers who usually handle plumbing issues at homes. Residential plumbers are usually involved in small residential jobs like repairing leaks, unclogging the bathrooms and drains, installing pipe systems, ensuring the proper working of pipes, toilets and water systems, repairing and servicing the plumbing fixtures and systems of homes and residential flats, ensuring that they function properly.

Residential plumbers often lack the qualification and experience to work on large-scale or commercial plumbing projects. Usually, residential plumbers gain training and experience by working on residential plumbing jobs such as home renovations, construction sites, housing schemes, etc. and gain experience by getting hands-on job experience or working under more experienced plumbers.

Commercial Plumbers

Qualified and skilled professionals that work mainly in large industrial or commercial settings such as factories, malls, universities, schools, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. are known as commercial plumbers. They are typically responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of pipes, tanks, and other plumbing fixtures in industrial and commercial buildings.

The main differences between residential and commercial plumbers are their training, skill, experience, number of jobs done daily, and the complexity of the plumbing jobs. Residential plumbers fix a lesser number of pipes, sinks, toilets, and fixtures compared to commercial plumbers.

Also, commercial plumbers handle jobs beyond just installing and fixing pipes and faucets. They also take care of water system installations for large operations, large-scale waste removal and repair, installing sprinkler systems, boiler systems, sewer lines and maintenance of the systems that have been installed by them.

Repair and Service Plumbers

Repair and service plumbers are experts who mainly take care of the repair and maintenance plumbing systems in residential, as well as commercial settings. These plumbers have technical training and can troubleshoot and fix all types of minor plumbing problems such as fixing leakages, reduced pressure, clogs, float valve replacements and also cleaning and servicing plumbing fixtures. Repair and service plumbers do not have the expertise to install pipes, water heating systems, etc.

Plumbers are also classified on basis of the type of plumbing they do. The types of plumbers based on jobs include:

Water Supply Plumbers

Water supply plumbers mainly work on the piping, fixtures and appliances, which supply water to the home, including pipes, kitchen sinks, bathroom tanks, kitchen tanks, water heaters and overhead storage tanks and also repair them.

Sanitary Plumbers

These plumbers mainly work with drainage lines and their plumbing tasks include cleaning and unblocking any drain clogs to installing toilet and bathroom pipes, drains and bathtubs. They handle any jobs that are related to sanitary plumbing systems, pipes and tanks, fitting suspended drains, water heating systems and boilers in showers and toilets.

Specialty Plumbers

These types of plumbers typically specialize in specific aspects of plumbing. For instance, some plumbers specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems in residential or commercial properties, while other types of plumbers, called gas fitters, specialize in the installation of gas appliances and natural gas lines.

In conclusion, plumbing is among the most important services required for any home or business establishment. And, as you can see, there are different types of plumbers and each type has certain qualifications, expertise and skillsets for certain types of plumbing jobs.

So, you should be aware of which type of plumber to hire for what job. However, before you hire one, it is important to check if the plumber is skilled, has expertise in the work and has a good track record so that all your plumbing jobs are completed in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

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