Types of Angle Grinders

In this guide, we’ll talk about the different angle grinders you may come across and the benefits of each. I would recommend reading this guide before checking out our best angle grinders guide because you want to make sure that your first purchase of an angle grinder is the correct one, and you don’t want an angle grinder that doesn’t fit the needs of your project. Let’s get started.

The Different Types of Angle Grinders

Pneumatic angle grinder – A Pneumatic angle grinder is an angle grinder that is operated bye pressurized air or gas.

These are not as common as your corded or cordless angle grinders but they do have their own little niche in the home improvement industry. They are typically used for jobs that are not too intensive, although still requiring a fair bit of precision.

I would not suggest a pneumatic angle grinder if you are a homeowner due to its limitations, but do keep in mind that these angle grinders are fairly light and allow for a high level of control.

Corded angle grinder – corded angle grinders are Powered by electrical outlets, which allow you to do any grinding or smoothing without any concern for battery life.

As long as there’s an outlet around, you should be able to grind with no issues. Because they  do not use batteries, corded angle grinders are usually lighter than cordless angle grinders which do use a battery. The one downside to corded angle grinders is obviously the wire, which can get in the way  of your projects. 

Any indoor projects are typically fine just because of the numerous outlets you can use, but beware of any outdoor projects that require you to use an angle grinder.

Cordless angle grinders – these angle grinders are essentially the same as the corded angle grinders, with the difference being that they use a rechargeable battery instead of an  outlet for its source of power.

Because of the battery  needed , these are usually the heaviest of the different types of angle grinders. cordless angle grinders are most useful for any type of project that requires you to be far from an outlet such as on a ladder or scaffold. you’ll often see masonry companies use cordless angle grinders when working on the side of buildings.

Variable speed angle grinder – these angle grinders allow you to adjust the speed of the blade, which can be useful for different project types. For my personal use I haven’t needed to really adjust the speed of the blade, but if you were looking to use the angle grinder to buffer, that usually uses a lower RPM than your standard grinder.

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