What is a ratchet pipe cutter?


A ratchet pipe cutter is a pipe cutter with a ratchet mechanism. This mechanism allows you to slowly close the pipe cutter blade around a pipe in order to cut it.

Why is a ratchet pipe cutter useful?

Ratchet pipe cutters are useful because they allow you cut pipes without relying solely on grip strength. 2 inch pipes are relatively thick, and if you had to squeeze the handles of a pipe cutter once in order to fully cut a pipe, it would be difficult. As long as you are able to squeeze the handles of your pipe cutter to ratchet, then the blades will be able to cut the pipe. In addition, ratcheting pipe cutters provide nice, clean cuts, with minimal deburring needed.

How do you use a ratchet pipe cutter?

To use a ratchet pipe cutter, first ensure the blade of the pipe cutter is open and around the pipe you are looking to cut. Once the pipe cutter blades are around the pipe, use the ratcheting functionality to close the blade. As you continue to ratchet, the pipe cutter blade will get closer and closer to the pipe until it cuts it completely. Make sure you are wearing safety gear while using the pipe cutter.

What pipes can a ratchet pipe cutter cut?

Ratchet pipe cutters have the ability to cut softer materials, such as PVC, CPVC, PEX, and Copper. Tougher materials like steel are nearly impossible to cut with a ratcheting pipe cutter. If you are looking to cut steel pipes, use a wheel pipe cutter instead.