What is a power tool?

A power tool is a tool that is powered by electricity or a battery, not by manual labor. They will typically use an electric motor or compressed air to function properly.

A power tool is used to complete a task more effectively than by use of manual labor. For example, using a screwdriver to turn a screw would be much slower than using a power drill. Many tradespeople use power tools for the speed and efficiency it provides.

How do power tools work?

How a power tool works will depend on the power source. The main power sources are air compression, batteries, and electrical.

Air compression – Air compression power tools are tools that utilize compressed air to work. For example, nail guns will need to attach to an air compressor to function properly. When the user presses the trigger of the nail gun, a burst of air will push the nail, allowing it to be inserted into a material.

Batteries – Battery-operated power tools that use batteries to power up the tool. They will be cordless, which means you have additional mobility when using the tool. That being said, batteries will have limited life-span before it needs to be charged.

Electrical – These power tools need to connect to an electrical outlet for it to function properly. These power tools will be corded, so your mobility will be limited to the length of the cord.

What are the main classifications of power tools?

Power tools can be classified into the following groups:

  • Cutting: These power tools allow you cut an object or material.
  • Gripping: These power tools allow you to grab and twist objects.
  • Striking: These power tools allow you to hit an object with force.
  • Driving: These power tools are used for turning a bolt, pin, or other object in and out of a hole.
  • Shaping: These tools allow you to mold and shape different materials.

What are the basic power tools?

There are numerous power tools, but some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Power Drills: These are used for drilling screws or making holes.
  • Power Saws: These are used for cutting wood and other materials.
  • Sanders: These are used for smoothing wood and other materials.
  • Grinders: These are used for polishing, grinding, and sanding materials.
  • Oscillating Tools: Can do a variety of tasks that include trimming, cutting, and sanding.
  • Routers: Used for cutting, shaping, and tracing wood.
  • Planers: Used to reduce the thickness levels of wood.
  • Lathes: These are used for shaping wood and metal.
  • Nail Guns: Used for automatically inserting nails into materials.
  • Drill Presses: Used for boring holes into wood and metal.

What power tools should I buy first?

If you are looking to purchase a few of the most useful power tools, these are three to get first:

  1. Power Saw – You will be cutting wood often in your DIY projects, so a power saw will be useful. Miter saws are the most well-rounded, although table saws and circular saws will work as well.
  2. Power Drill – Power Drills are versatile, and come with many different drill bits that allow you to tackle any DIY project.
  3. Nail Gun – Nail guns are for useful speeding up the time it takes to insert nails into materials. Sure you can use a hammer, but a nail gun is going to make that much more efficient.