How Much Does a Plumbing Smoke Test Cost?


A plumbing smoke test is an effective way to find out about drains and leakages. A smoke test can also determine cracks in closed pipes. This test, therefore, is considered an important one if you have a plumbing issue but aren’t sure about the source.

It is done by sending non-toxic, artificially created smoke through pipes under slight pressure to detect leaks. If there is a defect, you will see a cloud of smoke get accumulated there.

Plumbing Smoke Test Costs

Several factors ascertain the cost of a plumbing smoke test. These include but are not limited to:

  • Size of the sewer system
  • Number of stories in a building that is being tested
  • The accessibility of the roof
  • Whether the building has an attic and if yes, how accessible it is
  • The accessibility of the sewer-main cleanout

The average cost of a plumbing smoke test can be anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The costs depend on the severity of the job and the individual charges of a professional. The more trained and experienced your contractor is, the more you must be prepared to pay.

Standardized testing can cost something like $250-$300/hour and go up from there. In some cases, you may be able to strike a cheaper deal also.

There are a number of professionals offering the service and when you do your research, you can always put in a request for quotes. Only after comparing quotes and reading testimonials, should you finalize a contractor.

After all, it is a significant investment and one needs to find the right balance between the quality of services and the costs involved.

Why Should You Use Smoke Testing to Check for Plumbing Leaks?

Plumbing smoke tests are one of the most reliable ways of detecting plumbing leakages and that has ensured its popularity over the years. Besides, if you choose the right professional and the timing is right, it can save you money that you would otherwise be spending on plumbing repairs.

How Often Should You Use Smoke Testing to Check for Plumbing Leaks?

This is a question many people tend to have. If you feel everything is going great, should you still run plumbing smoke tests?

Well, the answer is you should use smoke testing at least once a year to ensure everything is fine with your plumbing system. Seasonal changes should also warrant a smoke test, in case any pipe is feeling the pressure because you may not always know.

The Final Word

A plumbing smoke test can be an effective way to find out about cracks and leakages in any of your plumbing systems. It can be an expensive exercise depending on the scope of work involved. Ideally, you should get this testing done at least once a year to ensure all your plumbing fixtures are running fine.

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