Electric Alternatives to an Air Hammer

If you do not have a compressor setup, then you don’t have the ability to use an air hammer. But what if you could find an alternative to an air hammer to complete your DIY projects,  that wouldn’t require an air compressor? In this guide, I will provide some alternatives to an air hammer, or in other words, an electric hammer, that you can use that should work just as well. let’s get started.

First “Electric Air Hammer” Method

So what I would consider the most closely related tool to an air hammer is a hammer drill.  The one I would look into first would be the Dewalt rotary hammer drill. It comes from a high-quality brand and has a solid warranty.

So how can you make this work?

You can buy the hammer drill, and then also buy a chisel bit separately (here is a good one) to get that air  hammer-like function for blasting through concrete, brick, and various other materials. The Dewalt rotary hammer drill is slightly pricey, but overall less expensive than buying an air compressor and air hammer combo, which could run upwards of $300+.

The nice thing about this hammer drill also is that you have two choices in size. You can choose the one inch or the one 1/8 inch, depending on the needs of your project. The 1 and 1/8 in is about 20 bucks more so It might not be worth it if you’re looking to save as much money as possible. 

Second “Electric Air Hammer” Method

An alternative tool you could look into as  a functional electric hammer would actually be an electric demolition Jack Hammer, such as this one.

It comes with a variety of different sets at different prices depending on what bits you’re looking for, but you’ll see that this is another great affordable option if you’re looking to do some chipping or demolition work. I’ve heard good things about Xtremepower even though it’s not a popular name brand.

Hopefully this guide helped you find an alternative to an air hammer. Between the two I recommend the 1st method, but both make great alternatives, and should be great for your next DIY project.

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