What is a Chain Pipe Cutter?


A chain pipe cutter (also called a soil pipe cutter) is a type of pipe cutter that utilizes a chain to effectively cut pipes.

How does a chain pipe cutter work?

A chain pipe cutter works by using pressure created by a constricting chain. The process starts with the chain being wrapped around a pipe. Once the pipe and the chain pipe cutter are locked in place, the user would then begin ratcheting the chain by continuously squeezing the handles. The pressure will build around the pipe and once there is enough pressure, the pipe will snap, creating a nice clean cut.

Chain pipe cutters are primarily used for cutting cast iron pipes, and can also cut galvanized steel, steel, copper, PVC and aluminum.

How much is a chain pipe cutter?

Chain pipe cutters will vary in price depending on the quality of the pipe cutter, the manufacturer, and the width of the pipe that needs to be cut. Cheaper chain pipe cutters will cost around $20, with top-tier chain pipe cutters costing upwards of $500.

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