Can a Homeowner Do His Own Plumbing?


Plumbing is one of the basic needs of a household. It ensures that the house runs smoothly without any leakages or breakages. The better the plumbing needs are cared for, the more at peace you would be. Not only would you have all that you need but also not have to deal with weird sounds, puddles of water and the likes.

But the question that many people have is that can a homeowner do his own plumbing? Sometimes, it may be the case that they know the technical details and sometimes it could be an impulse to save money.

Whatever your motivation is, let us find out if homeowners can actually do their plumbing sans any help?

Can a Homeowner Do His Own Plumbing?

The simple answer is yes, homeowners can do their own plumbing as long as they are well versed in the process and have the technical know-how. At the end of the day, you not only need to be knowledgeable or curious about it but also need to do a thorough job because of the complications involved.

So, doing it just for fun might not be the best way to approach it as you may run into trouble later that may also be potentially harmful. Therefore, if you are toying with the idea you need to be sure that you can handle the stuff from start to end.

Secondly, people take professional help because some tasks can be wearisome and tiring. Buildings and houses are complicated—it could be an old structure, or it could be a shared condo-type arrangement and you may not know how to deal with everything and do a great job.

Thirdly, even if you do all the plumbing work yourself and save money, you may still need permits and get your home inspected by the relevant authorities.

In fact, it is a myth that hiring professionals sets you back by a lot of money. In a way, by hiring a contractor, you end up saving a lot of money.

The biggest benefit of having a professional is that you won’t have to worry about doing things right. You need to outsource the work to them and they will take care of the rest. This lifts a big load off your head.

There are other benefits of hiring a professional as well. They get all their tools, which means you don’t have to spend on getting a lot of resources.

Besides, they deal with tricky situations every day and hence, will find solutions way faster than you do. In a nutshell, you save money, time and a lot of stress.

When Should a Homeowner Do His Own Plumbing?

Plumbing, when it involves minor fixes, can be done by homeowners. Situations involving random wear and tear do not warrant calling a professional at the drop of a hat. These are situations that homeowners can deal with on their own.

Such situations involve unclogging a drain, checking a sound emanating from the pipes, a small leakage in the faucet or the toilet, or even installing a showerhead. These are basic things that are incredibly simple to do.

A basic Google search or a Youtube tutorial can help you fix the issue without involving a professional. You save money and you also get to learn a new skill. Isn’t that great?

When Should a Homeowner Hire a Contractor for Plumbing Work?

You should always refer complicated matters to a professional without dabbling your head into it. This is not to say that you can’t do stuff on your own, but just a way to say that there are things that can be better handled by professionals.

Here are a few plumbing situations that are best handled by a plumber:

  • Big Water Connections: While homeowners may be able to get themselves out of a sticky situation, such as clogged drains, bigger issues with the water system are best handled by a professional.

    This is because these may turn into big issues if dealt with by a novice. The same goes for issues with water heaters and supply pipes and pressure systems.
  • External Plumbing: Sometimes an issue in your home may have its roots outside. This happens in townhouses and condos and even other settings and a professional may be in the best position to examine this and find a solution. This may involve other homeowners too. Therefore, call a professional and let them handle the mess.
  • Renovations: If you have major renovations planned, you must simply hire a professional. Renovations involve moving pipes and plumbing systems and these can be a bigger deal than they sound. There are lots of insulations and technicalities involved that are best handled by a professional.

Sometimes, work of this nature may require certain licenses also that only professionals possess. Outsource a good one and let them take care of the work.

Can a Homeowner Do His Own Plumbing: The Final Verdict?

This is highly subjective and depends on the situation. If it is a problem that can be solved by making small interventions, you can totally miss calling a professional. You will save money and also solve things fast.

However, when you have identified that a problem is beyond you, get in touch with a professional. Firstly, this won’t make a bad situation worse and secondly, it would give you a long-term, sturdy solution to your plumbing woes because a trained eye is any day better than an untrained one.

The Final Word

Plumbing work is incredibly important for a home. When buying a home, few people think about plumbing work and requirements. We only think about it when there is something amiss, be it a leak, or a weird sound, or puddles of water being collected at the most unsightly places.

Hence, it is necessary to think about things that may go wrong and prepare for them. Hiring a professional to take care of the work may actually be the best bet in complicated situations, whereas you can totally handle small, everyday stuff on your own.

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