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A staple gun is a relatively simple tool that has a wide range of uses. If you need to upholster a chair, attach trim, or handle another task where you need a secure fastener, a stable gun can come in handy.

However, if you’ve never bought one before, you may feel utterly clueless about where to start. With so many options on the market, you may not know which type you need or what one is the best staple gun choice. 

That’s where we can help. Let us help you understand more about staple guns, including a review of five of the best choices you can buy. 

Best Staple Gun Product Reviews

We decided to stick with the basic model of staple gun: manual. Manual guns do not require a battery, electric, or another power source to operate. They are a standalone product that will enable you to use them whenever and wherever you need.

While you will notice many things about these guns that are the same, we will point out some distinct features for each that make them stand out.

Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus


  • Staple and nail gun
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy squeeze lever
  • Uses 1/4″ to 9.16″ staples
  • Quick view window
  • Handle locks for storage
  • High and low power options
  • Aluminum
  • All-metal drive channel
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Fits nicely into tight spaces
  • Lever is easy to squeeze
  • Easy to load


  • Misfires increase when low on staples
  • Jams easily with generic staples

The Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus is a 2-in-1 tool that you can use as a nail or staple gun. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects and features an all-metal drive channel.

What we like about this staple gun is that it is affordable yet functional. It has a flush-nose design that gives you more leverage for driving in the staples and lets it fit into areas that other staple guns can’t fit. It also has a window where you can see the staples so you won’t ever unexpectedly run out.

Not only does it work very well, but it is also easy to use. It’s ideal for those who don’t want something heavy due to concerns about fatigue. It also has the easy-squeeze lever to help make it simple to use. Plus, loading this stapler is a snap thanks to the easy-slide loader that holds a full stick of staples.

Arrow Fastener T50


  • Heavy duty
  • Uses 1/4″ to 9/16″ staples
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Jam resistant
  • Steel
  • Made in the USA


  • Versatile
  • Reliable with few jams
  • Well-made


  • Doesn’t work well after prolonged use
  • Lacks a soft handle

The Arrow Fastener T50 staple gun provides heavy-duty service. It can handle a range of projects with ease. The manufacturer claims it is the best-selling staple gun in the United States, which it attributes to the strong construction.

This gun is all steel, with each of the parts hardened in a 1,500-degree furnace. Plus, careful attention goes into manufacturing to ensure high-quality throughout each step.

What we like about this gun is the staple viewing window that keeps you on top of what staples are in the chamber and how many you have left. It also has a very unique magazine design. If you run into a jam, all you do is pull the magazine out and replace it. This should clear the jam. If it does not, just repeat until the jam clears.

Rapid Pro R34E


  • Alloy steel
  • Steel casing and mechanics
  • Noise damper
  • 3-step force adjuster
  • Lock function for storage
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Uses 1/4″ to 9/16″ staples
  • Heavy duty


  • Adjustable force settings
  • Handles heavy jobs well
  • Easy to operate


  • Loading could be easier
  • Doesn’t’ do well with generic staples

The Rapid Pro R34E gets the job done and does it well. It can handle many of the tough jobs you may need to do, such as carpet and upholstery. Don’t let its heavy-duty nature fool you, though; it is easy to use.

The gun has a no recoil feature. Plus, it has a 3-step force adjuster that helps reduce strain on your hands and arms, which is exceptionally effective. It protects you and ensures the gun can drive the staple where it needs to go with ease.

Overall, we love that this isn’t a flashy gun with a bunch of useless features. The company focused on giving it useful features that work perfectly as intended.



  • Nail and staple gun
  • Pressure adjustment knob
  • Quick view window
  • Handle lock
  • Built-in staple remover
  • Metal drive channel switch
  • Can use D, U, and T type staples
  • Heavy duty
  • Carbon steel
  • Spring-back impact


  • Good for people with weaker grips
  • Easy to clear jams
  • Very versatile


  • Handle lock can come undone and gets in the way when using

The WETOLS WE-809 is an affordable staple gun that delivers superior performance. You get a gun that drives staples deep without the need to go back over them with a hammer, which in part, is thanks to the pressure adjustment knob.

Using this staple gun will also be a snap because the design works well for people who have weaker grips. Plus, if the gun jams, which doesn’t seem to happen too often, it is easy to clear. You will pull the drive channel back and remove the jammed staples.

We like how versatile the gun is because it can handle almost any job you need it to. It is a true heavy-duty stapler that doesn’t seem to malfunction with prolonged use.



  • Strength adjustment bolt
  • Built-in shock absorbers
  • Uses D, U, and T staples
  • Handling switch
  • Rubber grip
  • Handle lock


  • Easy to control the depth of staple
  • Versatile
  • Compact size


  • Loading is tricky as each type of staple loads differently
  • Not good for weak grips

The REXBETI REX065 is a powerful tool. It is ideal for really tough jobs, and the strength adjustment bolt helps ensure you can drive staples deep without fear of recoil. Plus, the shock absorbers and comfort grip will help cut down on fatigue during long jobs.

The compact size means you can use this for almost any job, even if it is in a tight space. While the trigger is harder to pull than with other staplers, you get a lot of power behind it.

You’ll find it is pretty easy to use. Loading each type of staple does require reading the instructions carefully to ensure you do it correctly and don’t jam the gun. If you do have a jam, you can simply remove the plunger and use the handling switch to clear it.

Buyer’s Guide

A staple gun may seem like a simple tool, but there are actually quite a few things you will want to consider when buying one. WiseGeek explains that you need to always think about the projects you will do because that will be the main factor in which gun to buy.

You may find that you need more than one gun because you have a wide variety of tasks to do. However, there are a few staple guns on our list that can tackle a variety of projects, so they may be worth considering if you find this is your situation. 

Types of Staple Guns

While all the guns on our list are manual, which are the best choice for the beginner, you can get power guns or air-powered guns.

Manual guns are spring-loaded and fire when you depress a lever. The most common firing set up is a lever you squeeze that will move the mechanical components to push the staple out of the chamber. They can be hard for some people to use if they have a weak grip. 

Electric staple guns will plugin or use a battery. They are much easier to operate for those who may have grip issues because all you do is pull a trigger, and the power unit will do the work to move the staple through the chamber. 

A pneumatic staple gun uses air pressure to make it fire. You hook the gun into an air hose and pull a trigger to make it work. The air works similarly to electric power in an electric staple gun. 

There is another type of staple gun that has limited use. The hammer tacker is a stapler gun you bang against something to fire it. For example, if you are stapling roofing materials to a roof, this type of gun would be handy because you can use it quickly, and there is little issue with hand fatigue. You would just bang it, like a hammer, against the roofing material, and the staple comes out. 

Another distinction between staple guns is heavy and light duty. Our guns are all heavy-duty, but there are light-duty options. If you are crafting, a light-duty gun is probably best, but most projects will require a heavy-duty gun. Manual guns can work for any use, but if you do something where you will need to use the gun for prolonged periods, then consider an electric model.


Staple guns can have a wide range of features. We want to focus on the few that are most important to the overall function of the gun:

  • Comfort
  • Construction
  • Convenience


An ergonomic grip is essential if you will use your staple gun a lot. This might include shaped handles that fit well into your hand and soft grips that will feel more comfortable. Ergonomics are important because they help fight hand fatigue and pain that can slow you down as you work. 


You also want to pay attention to the overall construction. Look for high-quality materials, such as steel. Make sure it is rust-resistant. Also, ensure that it is from a company that backs its products with at least a defect warranty. 


The gun should have features that make it easier and more convenient for you to use. Look for a window that allows you to see the staples inside. If it has indicators so you can know the size, then this is even better. You’ll also probably want a handle lock, making it easier and safer to just toss in your tool bag and transport. Finally, you want to be sure the gun has an easy method by which to clear jams. 


To wrap up this guide, we want to go over a few common questions people have about staple guns.

How do I load a staple gun?

Hunker explains that every gun may load differently, so you should always read the instruction manual. In general, though, you will usually load the gun by either putting staples into the magazine or pulling the magazine out and putting them into a spring-loaded plunger. The staples should fit in the magazine around a metal frame, making it easy to know you are loading it correctly.

How do I fix a jammed staple gun?

Some staple guns have a special feature for unjamming them, so check the instructions. When a jam happens, it is usually because the gun’s staples are not coming out correctly. This may be due to you not applying enough pressure on the lever or trigger.

When it happens, you need to remove the staples that are jammed. You can usually do this by removing the magazine. You may need to remove a panel or use needle-nose pliers to grab the stuck staple.

How do I properly use a manual staple gun?

The key to getting the best performance from a manual staple gun is to ensure you have the right angle. The bottom of the gun where the staple comes out should be flat against the surface. You then need to squeeze the lever or trigger firmly.

The Bottom Line

Staple guns are not a huge investment, but you want to take your time choosing one. If you don’t buy a good one, it will only result in frustration. To be honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the choices I’ve reviewed here. Each of them has unique aspects that make them stand out. Figure out what matters the most to you and choose the best staple gun with the features, comfort, and convenience you need.

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