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You’re sure to agree with me that paved patios or walkways look way more beautiful and appealing compared to plain tile or concrete surfaces. And, if you’re planning to begin a paving project, then an important factor to consider is what type of sand that you will use. The combination of pavers and sand is truly aesthetic and appealing.

I recommend using polymeric sand for paving projects because it is far superior compared to regular sand and helps to bring out the finest appearance of your outdoor surfaces.

Polymeric sand is more long lasting compared to regular sand that gets washed out very easily when exposed to heavy rains. Polymeric sand has additives, which help to bind the particles of sand together, locking the pavers, stones or bricks into place.

However, choosing the best polymeric sand can be quite tricky, especially with the plethora of choices available in the market. To make it easier for you, I have compiled this handy guide, where you can get all the information you need about polymeric sand and the best options available on the market.

What Is Polymeric Sand?

Basically, regular sand to which polymer additives, fine quartz and silica are added, which act as binding agents, especially, when exposed to water is known as polymer sand. These additives are activated by moisture, which helps them to bind the particles of sand together very strongly when applied between bricks, stones and pavers.

When you apply polymeric sand to the pavers, you get tightly packed paver blocks. The structure remains impenetrable and intact for several years, even when exposed to the elements and harsh weather conditions.

Advantages of Using Polymeric Sand

If you have used both regular sand as well as polymeric sand for your paving projects, you would have understood how polymeric sand is superior compared to regular sand. And, if you’re not able to decide between the two, then here are some benefits that make using polymeric sand much better than regular sand.

Enhanced Durability

Often, homeowners find that after heavy rainfall or strong wind, the sand in the patio area between the pavers gets washed or eroded. Using polymeric sand instead of regular sand can help to prevent this and make all your outdoor surfaces rain-safe because it contains special binding agents that help to protect them from rainfall and other elements, making it long lasting. The interlocking mechanism of the polymeric sand ensures better durability and strength.

Better Weed Resistance

Weeds growing from cracks and crevices can be the bane of a beautifully designed patio and destroys its appeal. Also, the weeds can ruin the integrity of the surface by growing between the pavers.

Polymeric sand offers resistance and prevents weed growth. And, this can help to save time and effort you will be spending on pulling out the weeds.

Prevents Insects

Polymeric sand not only helps to prevent weed growth but also helps to prevent ants and other insects from making their nests between the pavers. The sand interlocks tightly with the polymeric base, making it difficult for ants and other insects to dig or crawl under the pavers to make their homes. Polymeric sand helps to discourage insect invasion and also reduces the time you spend on maintenance work.

Maintains Paver Position

Installing pavers is tough work and requires a lot of planning and precision. And, all your effort will go to waste if the pavers move out of place. Using polymeric sand to bind the pavers can ensure that they remain in places.

The polymeric sand not only binds the pavers strongly but also helps to retain flexibility for easy movement. The polymeric sand will shift along with the pavers, protecting the structure.

Better Aesthetics

Polymeric sand is available in a wide range of colors such as gray, ivory, black, tan, etc. that can add to the visual appeal and make your outdoor structures more aesthetically beautiful.

You can choose from the various color options of polymeric sand that will create a stunning palette for your pavers, stones and outdoor surfaces and complement the overall décor of your home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Polymeric Sand


Polymeric sand contains special additives that make it stronger, durable and long lasting. Most of the polymeric sands which are available in the market contain 3 things i.e., polymer additives, quartz silica and crystalline silica.

The proprietary polymer additives are either artificially made or organic and help to keep the sand particles together, which keeps the pavers together, without falling apart.

However, the polymers differ from one brand to another and the better the materials and binding strength of the polymeric sand, the higher its cost will be.

The other factors to consider are the granularity of the polymeric sand and if it contains Portland cement. The finer the particles, the better they will be able to get into the cracks, while the presence of Portland cement makes the surface much harder and impermeable.

Joint Size

You need to determine how much polymeric sand is needed for the joints to be filled. Generally, the joint height ranges between ⅛ inch to 2 inches, and depending on the depth you require, you can find the polymeric sand that is perfect for the area. You can easily find this information on the product packaging or website of the manufacturer.


Usually, the polymer sand pack contains information about how much area you can cover with the particular pack. For example, a bag of 50 lb of polymeric sand can cover around 100 sq. ft. area.

Depending on the brand you choose and the activation process, this measurement ratio can decrease or increase. So, before you purchase the polymeric sand, you must determine how much coverage it offers and if it will be sufficient for your paving project.

Waiting Period

All types of polymeric sand have the ability to remain in place, even when there is heavy rainfall; however, getting to this level of stability takes time and each brand of polymeric sand has a specific procedure and schedule that must be followed.

For example, if you’re using the polymeric sand in a drainage system, then you must wait for 1 hour after the application for it to be rain-safe.

And, if you’re using the polymeric sand in a non-drainage area, then you may have to wait for 24 hours or more for the area to be rain-safe.

So, before you purchase the polymeric sand, you must consider the waiting period.


Polymeric sand is very popular because of its versatility and the impressive color range of sands that are available, which enables you to be as creative as you want to be, creating a stunning palette on your patio.

Polymeric sand in shades of gray, black, ivory, tan, white and other colors allow you to pick your choice and use them in amazing and stunning combinations that are bound to impress any visitor to your home.

Reviews of the Best Polymeric Sand

Dominator Polymeric Sand

The Dominator Polymeric Sand makes use of Solid Flex technology, delivering an advanced, high-quality product. Made of cement-free formula and fine sand, the polymeric sand is a haze-free joint stabilizing sand, which allows easy installation.

The polymeric sand sweeps, as well as rinses into the joints very easily, helping to cut installation time and labor.

The paver joints created by applying the polymeric sand are strong, stable, flexible and self-healing. The Dominator Polymeric Sand contains a blend of cutting-edge polymers that offers excellent stability and can withstand the harshest conditions.

The Dominator Polymeric Sand is available in 3 sizes and 5 attractive shades and you can choose from charcoal, titanium, natural, caramel and taupe colors. A 45-lb bucket can easily cover an area of 20-80 sq. ft.


  • Solid Flex technology
  • Coverage Rate: 20 to 80 sq. ft. per 45 lb
  • Fills up to 4 inches in joints
  • Cement-free formula
  • 5 attractive shades—charcoal, titanium, natural, caramel and taupe


  • The instructions are very easy to follow.
  • Requires minimal cleanup.
  • Available in 5 attractive color options.


  • Expensive.
  • The sand does not solidify quickly.

You can buy the product here.

Buddingco Polymeric Sand

The polymeric sand from Buddingco is an excellent product and creates strong bonds in the joints, between the pavers. The polymeric sand also helps to stabilize false joint pavers or can be used to set any displaced concrete around the flagstones. The rapid set technology enables the polymeric sand to set quickly and makes it rain-safe after just 15 minutes of application.

The polymeric sand is available in 4 beautiful shades—black diamond, beige, ivory and slate gray and 18 lb of the product can cover 30—40 sq. ft. The Buddingco polymeric sand is very versatile and can be used for several applications including patios, pool decks, parking spaces, driveways, pavements, etc.


  • Rapid set technology
  • Coverage Rate: 30 to 40 sq. ft. per 18 lb
  • 4 attractive shades—black diamond, beige, ivory and slate gray
  • Sets above freezing temperatures (0°C or 32°F)


  • Easy to apply.
  • Sand dries nicely but is still flexible.
  • Good value for money.


  • Quality issues.
  • Application is quite time-consuming.

You can buy the product here.

Gator Maxx G2 Intelligent Polymeric Sand

A unique blend of calibrated sand and polymer binders, Gator Maxx G2 Polymeric Sand is a new-generation, high-quality product. The polymeric sand uses Advanced Haze Free Technology and the ASTM C144 gradation allows you to use it in the tightest of joints.

The crystalline silica in the polymer sand meets OSHA standards, making the product suitable for residential, commercial, drainage and non-drainage applications.

The polymeric sand works at temperatures above 0°C or 32°F and is rain safe one hour after water activation. The sand can be used for joints up to 4 inches and also on false pavers. The polymeric sand is effective in preventing damage caused by weeds and insects and also erosion due to rain, wind and freeze/thaw cycles.


  • Advanced Haze Free Technology
  • Works at temperatures above 0°C or 32°F
  • Rain safe one hour after water activation
  • Can be used for joints up to 4 inches and also on false pavers
  • ASTM C144 standard gradation
  • OSHA standard
  • Comes in a waterproof bag


  • Fills the gaps and hardens very nicely.
  • Good quality material.
  • Remains flexible even after hardening.


  • Bit pricey.
  • Washes away quite easily.

You can buy the product here.

Alliance Gator Polymeric Super Sand

The Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand with the Supersand Bond is a unique blend of calibrated sand and polymer binders that sets to deliver strong and stable bonds between the paver joints.

While the joints are durable and long lasting, they still retain flexibility. The crystalline silica in the polymer sand is OSHA standard and the ASTM C-144 standard gradation makes the sand suitable for application to the tightest joints.

The polymeric sand uses advanced haze-free technology and can be used for joints of a maximum depth of 2.5 cm (1 inch). The sand works at temperatures above 0°C or 32°F and is rain safe one hour after activation.

The Alliance Gator Polymeric Super Sand is available in 2 colors—slate gray and beige and is perfect for a variety of applications including patios, footpaths, pool decks, driveways, pavements, parking spaces, etc.


  • Supersand bond
  • Haze-free technology
  • Fills up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in joints
  • Rain-safe 1 hour after activation
  • ASTM C-144 standard gradation
  • OSHA standard
  • Available in 2 colors—slate gray and beige
  • Comes in a waterproof bag


  • Easy to use
  • Sets very quickly
  • Durable and flexible


  • Expensive
  • Available in limited colors

You can buy the product here.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, polymeric sand is extremely beneficial when it comes to safeguarding your carefully designed and beautiful patio against the harsh natural elements, insect invasion and weed growth.

Polymeric sand is far superior in function compared to regular sand and helps to make the joints between pavers stronger, durable and more long lasting. And, the best part is that polymeric sand comes in an array of beautiful colors that can transform your patio completely, while matching the décor of the rest of your home.

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