Best HVLP Spray Guns for Woodworking

If you are a professional or amateur woodworker, then an HVLP spray gun is a must-have accessory. An HVLP spray gun makes your work easier, quicker, cleaner and safer and allows you to give a finishing touch to your furniture, patio, wooden deck, etc. effortlessly. An HVLP spray gun gives you better color quality, without making a big mess while using it.

However, selecting the HVLP spray gun for your woodworking project can be a daunting task with so many different products, brands, and models of spray guns available at different price points. So, I have made things simpler for you by putting together a list of the best HVLP spray guns along with a buying guide that will make your decision making much easier.

What Is an HVLP Spray Gun and What Is It Used For?

High volume low pressure or HVLP spray guns are air pressurized guns that are used to apply paint with precision to small surfaces. The HVLP gun works by compressing air, which helps to spray uniform patterns, resulting in smooth finishes.

Advantages of Using an HVLP Spray Gun

Some of the benefits of using an HVLP spray gun include:

  • Controlled Spraying: When you use an HVLP spray gun, you can prevent the issue of over-spraying, which means that you can use your time to do more work rather than cleaning the mess.
  • Safety: HVLP spray guns use paint more efficiently, offering more health safety compared to air sprayers and paint rollers. The lesser the paint that there is in the air, the safer and healthier it is for you.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Using an HVLP spray gun allows you to use less paint, which in turn, helps you to save money. Also, compared to air sprayers, HVLP spray guns are cheaper and more effective.
  • Finish Quality: Because of the precision and accuracy they offer, HVLP spray guns produce a professional quality finish.

HVLP Spray Gun vs LVLP Spray Gun

HVLP is a high-volume low-pressure spray gun, while LVLP is a low-volume low-pressure spray gun, which is useful for different types of projects. HVLP spray guns are usually used for projects requiring controlled spray and high efficiency, requiring lots of compressed air. LVLP spray guns, on the other hand, use a lesser volume of air and don’t need as much compressed air as HVLP guns.

HVLP Spray Gun Buying Guide

When purchasing an HVLP spray gun for woodworking, there are a few things that you must consider and pick one that works best for your requirements.

Ease of Use

An HVLP spray gun requiring the least amount of paint thinning is the easiest to use. Typically, the pro and semi-pro spray guns available on the market need a lot of paint thinning, which makes them quite difficult to use, especially for a beginner.

Paint Cup Capacity

Look for an HVLP spray gun that has a large paint cup because the more the paint cup capacity, the longer you can continue working without stopping. Paint cups come in different materials such as plastic, aluminum, metal, etc. Choose a spray gun with a lightweight paint cup because the heavier the paint cup, the heavier your HVLP spray gun will be.

Spray Patterns

The HVLP spray gun has 3 spray patterns i.e., round, horizontal fan and vertical fan and all the types of spray patterns are necessary if you’re a serious woodworker. So, it is a good idea to select an HVLP spray gun that covers the maximum area at once.

Coat Quality

The coat quality is an important factor to consider when purchasing an HVLP spray gun. Look for a spray gun which can produce coat quality similar to that of a paint roller and if the spray gun does not do this, then it’s better not to purchase it.


Whether you use paint, stain, varnish, lacquer or sealer, your HVLP spray gun should work well with all of them and deliver a professional and uniform finish on your surface.


Look for an HVLP spray gun made of strong and sturdy material. Generally, spray guns made of metal like aluminum, etc. are more sturdy, durable and long lasting. 


I recommend that you set your budget before purchasing an HVLP spray gun because this will allow you to reduce your options better. Compare various products before purchasing one. Don’t settle for a product simply because it is cheaper, as this may fail quickly and you may end up having to spend more money on buying a new spray gun.

Reviews of the Top 4 HVLP Spray Guns

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Sprayer

If you’re a newbie to using an HVLP spray gun, then I would recommend the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 spray gun, which is extremely easy to use. The spray gun atomizes the paint into fine particles and delivers a super-smooth finish on your furniture, deck, patio, door trim, etc. The spray gun comes with a versatile and durable nozzle, which is perfect for varying materials and applications.

The spray gun is equipped with a 2-stage turbine, which allows you to paint surfaces and walls easily and you can customize the paint flow using the material flow adjuster and paint flow dial to get the perfect finish every time.

The spray gun comes with a professional-grade 1 qt. cup and 1.5 qt. cup. It features a 20-foot hose that allows you to reach your project easily.


  • Durable nozzle
  • Two-stage turbine
  • Adjustable settings with material flow adjuster and pressure control dial
  • Air cap to spray round, vertically or horizontally
  • 20-foot hose
  • Professional-grade 1 qt. cup and 1.5 qt. cup


  • The air pressure control allows you to control the spray and avoid over-spraying.
  • Has 3 air patterns—round, vertical and horizontal.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Minimal noise.


  • Quite slow compared to other models.

You can buy the product here.

Neiko 31216A HVLP Spray Gun

The Neiko 31216A with its sturdy, all-steel body is a good high-volume spray gun that has a very reasonable price tag. It features a 600 cc aluminum cup, which allows you to work uninterrupted. The spray gun has a 2 mm stainless-steel rust-resistant nozzle that allows you to spray paints having medium to high consistency.

The sprayer has an inbuilt gauge and 3 adjustment valves that allow precise application. The spray gun comes with a multi-size wrench with a cleaning brush that allows easy cleanup. The versatile spray paint gun allows you to paint furniture, cabinets and any type of wooden surface, including cars.


  • All-steel one-piece gun body
  • Stainless-steel nozzle
  • Brass cap
  • Gravity-feed fluid delivery design
  • 3 adjustment valve knobs
  • Operation Pressure: 40 PSI
  • Working Pressure: 10 PSI
  • 2 mm nozzle size
  • 600 cc (20.3 fl. oz) aluminum cup with lid
  • Multi-size wrench
  • Metal air gauge/regulator
  • Cleaning brush


  • Affordable price
  • Can spray heavy primers
  • Very easy to clean
  • Well made spray gun


  • Difficult to disassemble.
  • After a few years, there may be pressure-related issues.

You can buy the product here.

Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 HVLP Spray System

If you’re looking for a professional HVLP spray gun, then I would suggest that you check out the Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2. The spray gun has a 25-foot long hose that allows you to complete your spray jobs very quickly. The hose has an air control system that prevents over-spraying.

The spray gun comes with a 400 cc gravity cup and the spray gun has a fan pattern control that allows you to save a lot of paint and it also allows you to change the pattern and choose between round, horizontal and vertical. The spray gun is very lightweight and portable and it comes with a metal turbine case with a gun holder.


  • Non-bleed spray gun
  • Adjustable fan pattern—round, horizontal and vertical
  • 25-foot long hose
  • Air control system
  • Quick-connect coupling
  • 1.3 mm air cap
  • 400 cc gravity cup
  • Metal turbine case with a gun holder


  • The 25-feet long pipe with the air control valve helps to reduce over-spraying and bounce back.
  • Quiet sprayer.
  • Precise spray control.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • It may not be suitable for narrow projects.
  • The plastic cup is not as sturdy as the other metal parts of the sprayer.

You can buy the product here.

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer

The Earlex HV5500 is an excellent-quality HVLP sprayer. The spray gun features an adjustable flow control system that lets you change the spray patterns to round, horizontal and vertical.

The spray gun is equipped with a 650-watt turbine that enables you to get a professional finish. The gun comes with a Teflon-coated 1-quart container that is easy to clean and also prevents the paint from sticking in the container. The gun is equipped with a 13-foot hose.

Compatible with different water-based, as well as oil-based substances such as paints, acrylics, sealers, shellacs, latex, stains, varnishes, urethanes, etc., the Earlex HV5500 sprayer is very versatile and can be used to paint fences, ceilings, floors, doors, cabinets, decks, furniture, cars, etc. flawlessly.


  • Metal spray gun
  • 650-watt turbine
  • Flow control dial
  • Push-and-click spray pattern changing system
  • 13-foot hose
  • 5.5-feet cord
  • Easy carry handle
  • Teflon-coated 1-quart container
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable and easy to carry around.
  • Delivers professional finish.


  • The 13-foot hose is quite short.
  • Quite noisy.

You can buy the product here.

HVLP Spray Gun FAQs

Which is better, HVLP or airless spray?

Airless sprayers and HVLP spray guns are designed for different applications and cannot be used interchangeably. If you’re painting large surfaces such as oil tanks, walls, etc., then it is better to use an airless spray gun.

However, if you’re working on smaller surfaces, where you want to achieve a smoother and more precise finish, then an HVLP spray gun is a better choice.

Is a conventional spray gun different from an HVLP spray gun?

A conventional spray gun makes use of compressed air and produces a uniform and smooth finish on the surface; however, it ends up wasting a lot of paint. In a conventional spray gun, more than 70% of the paint is sprayed into the air causing environmental damage.

HVLP spray guns, on the contrary, propel the paint at very low pressure, usually at around 10 PSI. This offers greater efficiency and precision, delivering a perfect, flawless finish and also uses very less paint. This produces lesser overspray, making it safer for both, your health, as well as the environment.

Which is better, HVLP or HTE spray gun?

An HTE spray gun uses the latest spray gun technology and delivers superior results when compared to traditional technologies like HVLP spray guns. The primary difference between these types of spray guns is the transfer efficiency.

While an HTE spray gun has an efficiency of 90%, HVLP spray guns only have a transfer efficiency of around 65%. Also, HTE spray guns lose only around 10% of the paint into the air, while HVLP spray guns lose around 30%.

Which is the best HVLP spray gun for furniture?

If you’re using an HVLP spray gun to paint furniture, then it is best to use one that allows you to control the speed of the paint flow.

Different parts of the furniture need different spraying speeds so purchasing an HVLP spray gun with varying spraying speeds will allow you to complete the job easily and quickly. I also recommend using an HVLP spray gun that produces different types of spray patterns.

Can you use an HVLP spray gun to spray latex paint?

An HVLP spray gun is not designed for use with latex paint. Typically, HVLP spray guns contain low-pressure turbines, which cannot break the thickness of the latex paint. However, if you replace the turbine with a high-pressure one, then you can use the HVLP spray gun to spray latex paint.

Final Thoughts

Painting wood is not an easy task and requires high precision. And, to achieve a uniform and flawless finish with a high-quality visual effect, you need the right tools. And, this is where an HVLP spray gun comes very handy.

When shopping for the best HVLP spray gun, the value of the product is not based on how cheap or expensive it is but how well it can fulfill your requirements. I recommend that you narrow down the features that you want in an HVLP spray gun and select a product that matches your requirements the best.

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