4 Best Drain Cleaning Machines You Need to Know About


Drain cleaning machines come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to determine which one is the best for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of drain cleaning machines and provide you with a guide on how to choose the right one for your home or business. So, whether you are looking for a powerful machine that can take on tough clogs or a lightweight model that is easy to use, read on for our recommendations.

What is a Drain Cleaning Machine?

A drain cleaning machine is a plumbing tool used to clear blockages in drains and sewerage systems. It can be either hand-operated or powered electrically, and usually comprises of a moving head with either rotating or flailing wire brushes.

Types of Drain Cleaning Machines

Here are a few types of machines that you may consider buying:

  • Hand Machines: These are hand-held machines that may be powered by electricity and work best for lighter drains with few or multiple blockages. While these are powerful, they may not be the ideal option for big drains in big households.
  • Drum Machines: These are an upgrade from the manual machines and are ideal for drains with moderate blockage. These are also powered by electricity that adds to their efficiency.
  • Sectional Machines: These are powered by electricity and can take care of difficult blockages with ease. They are also quick.
  • Rodder Machines: These are perhaps the most powerful of all drain cleaning machines. Their power comes from a gas-powered engine. These machines work efficiently on bigger drains and stubborn blockages.

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaning Machines

Choosing the right drain cleaning machines can make a huge difference. The right machine will make your life easier and also ensure high hygiene standards in your home and surroundings.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind before buying a drain cleaning machine for your home.

The Type of Drains You Usually Deal With

This is the single most important feature that should determine the choice of your drain cleaning machine. If you want to clean drains with small diameters, you should use a small machine. It is easier to operate, consumes less energy and does the job perfectly well.

If you are dealing with flood drains and main lines that get too clogged, you would be better off with a more powerful machine such as the drum variety and sectional drain cleaner.

The Size

The size of the machine is a key factor that should help you decide if you want a particular machine or not. This is because of the storage considerations. An incredibly heavy machine will take up a lot of space. Besides, you won’t be able to adjust it in a corner as you do with gardening tools.

Hence, think about the space constraints in your home, where you plan to place the drain cleaning machine and then go ahead with your choice. If you get a big machine unnecessarily without actually needing it, you will feel stressed about the storage options for sure later on.

Your Budget

This is also a key factor when it comes to choosing the right drain cleaning machine. Some brands and machines are bound to be more expensive.

If you have a budget in mind, it helps you streamline your choice. You save time which you would otherwise spend on scouting machines.

Moreover, more expensive in most instances means more features. You should ask yourself if you need those advanced features at all.


One of the key things that you must keep in mind before finalizing the drain cleaning machine for your home is the accompanying accessories. These are things that you would need from time to time.

If there is a great machine that comes without any cables or other accessories, it will add to the costs because these are things you cannot do without.

On the contrary, if you are getting a deal wherein you get a machine for a bargain and have to spend a few bucks to get the accessories, you may consider the offer. The point here is that you should weigh in all the factors and not just get enamored by a particular brand or model.

Take Customer Feedback into Account

Research is the first step in choosing any new machine for your household. You are bound to ask friends and family for recommendations. If not that, you should take into account the customer feedback of any machine that you like or have shortlisted.

This will give you a fair idea of the pros and cons of a first-hand user experience. This will help you choose a machine that fits your needs.

Best Drain Cleaning Machines

We have reviewed several 380-watt cleaning machines available in the market to finally list these four down as the most efficient ones. Have a look!

Ridgid 52363 K-400 Drum Drain Cleaning Machine

Ridgid is one of the most reputed players in the market. This shows in the quality of its drum drain cleaning machine. It is a powerful machine that is suitable to be used by both professionals and people who want to clean their homes by themselves.

Key Features

  • It has a drum capacity of 100 feet and comes with a ⅜ inch diameter cable.
  • It is powered by a 380-watt motor.
  • It includes a number of accessories such as cleaning gloves, cables and toolsets.
  • It comes with a foot switch that makes operating the machine very easy and simple.
  • It is fully equipped with a cable control system.
  • It has an integrated cart with high-quality rubber wheels that make moving it around easy.


  • It is robust and will last you a long time thereby saving you money on occasional plumbing and cleaning costs.
  • It has a retractable handle that makes it incredibly easy to use and move around.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is devoid of an auto-feed. This may be a bummer for many users.
  • The cost is slightly on the higher side.

Buy it online on Amazon here.

Vevor Drain Cleaner Machine

If you need a machine that works on stubborn drains and is heavy-duty, look no further than the Vevor drain cleaning machine. It is powerful, can negotiate powerful bends and turns without compromising on the quality of cleaning.

Key Features

  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame and an enclosed drum that gives it longevity and durability.
  • It comes with a built-in GFCI that offers safety while cleaning.
  • It weighs 72 pounds that makes it easy to move.


  • It comes with four shapes of cutters that together offer a holistic cleaning experience.
  • It is a smart machine that is targeted at offering a high-quality experience. It is equipped with a sealed air-activated foot switch that makes the operation breezy.
  • It is heavy-duty and can take care of big blockages.
  • It has some amazing customer testimonies. This speaks volumes about the product quality.


  • The machine is not the most effective for cleaning smaller pipes because of its build and weight.
  • The cables can get entwined at times, making it difficult to work with the machine.

You can buy it online on Amazon here.

Mophorn Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine

If you are looking for a multipurpose drain cleaning machine that can be used in various parts of your home with ease, you should get your hands on this Mophorn drain cleaning machine. It comes in bright yellow color and is well designed, compact and value for money.

Key Features

  • It is composed of a robust metal shell with an attractive yellow coating. The manganese steel exterior makes it robust and durable.
  • It is powered by a copper pure wire motor that offers fantastic conductivity, making high operations possible without running the risk of burning.
  • It weighs 44 pounds.
  • It comes with 6 cutting tool bits and 1 key.


  • It is incredibly easy to use and move thanks to its compact size and manageable weight.
  • It is high on utility value and can be used to clean various parts of your home and also office space with ease.
  • It is value for money.
  • It is lightweight and small. Therefore, it doesn’t take a lot of storage space in the house.


  • Some customers have raised quality issues in the past especially with the sectionals that require frequent lubrication.

You can buy it online on Amazon here.

SHZOND Drain Cleaning Machine

This particular machine by SHZOND is a great drain cleaning machine that offers a high-quality cleaning experience. It is adept at cleaning long sections of sewer drains effectively.

Key Features

  • It weighs 66.9 pounds.
  • It is powered by a 250-watt motor.
  • It comes with a sealed air-activated footswitch and built-in GFCI.


  • It is powered by a potent cable that is immune to breakage, kinking and tangling.
  • It is efficient in removing big objects such as roots which many machines struggle with.
  • Its springs are efficient in navigating 90-degree bends that offer a pitch-perfect cleaning experience.
  • It is easy to use and move.


  • While the drum rotates, the user is required to manually feed the cable to drain.
  • It is on the higher side of the price range.

You can buy it online on Amazon here.

The Final Word

A drain cleaning machine makes the task of cleaning drains and blockages easier. You just need to choose the right machine because the right selection will not only get the job done but will also get the job done faster and more efficiently without burning a big hole in your pocket.

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