Best Copper Pipe Cutters


Pipe cutters are one of the most important tools for a plumber to have in their kit. Whether you need to trim a pipe to fit it appropriately while plumbing or if you are laying out new pipes, no plumber can work without a good pair of pipe cutters.

Now, while cutting through plastic pipes may be less cumbersome, what does one do to cut through metal pipes? In the following sections, I have reviewed some of the best copper pipe cutters that you can consider investing in. The reviews of these pipe cutters will be followed by a brief buying guide:

Best Copper Pipe Cutters Reviewed

C-Style Adjustable Copper Tubing Cutter

This is a C-style adjustable copper tubing cutter that is ideal if you want to save space in your toolbox. What I like about this cutter is that the shape of the tool allows it to fit compactly in your toolbox. No matter how tough or tight the surface area is for cutting, the tool is great for getting quick and clean cuts. The following are some of the features, pros, and cons of the pipe cutters:


  • This tool is able to cut 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch copper pipe tubing.
  • It has a compact C-shape that allows you to fit the tool into your kit without trouble.
  • The quick-release feature allows you to switch between sizes easily.
  • There are screwdriver slots that become useful when dealing with extremely tight spaces.


  • The snap-on feature allows you to connect the tool to the pipe quickly.
  • You can switch between sizes quickly and without any downtime.
  • The cutter also has auto tension that makes the cutting process a lot simpler.
  • The wheel pin is easy to remove for wheel cutter replacement.


  • The wheel pin is not the sturdiest and tends to fall out by itself.
  • At times, it tends to bend the pipe which can make it harder to fit them together later.

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1/2-Inch Automatic Copper Tube Cutter

This 1/2-inch automatic cutter from Husky is a great tool for cutting copper tubes. The machine is smart and makes precise, incisive cuts. It has a spring-loaded cutter wheel that tightens around the tube with ease, making the cuts more precise. As the cutter wheel turns, it automatically begins to tighten to create better pressure. The following are some of the features, pros and cons of the pipe cutter:


  • It has a spring-loaded cutter while that tightens as you turn it around the tube.
  • The tube cutter has a maximum nominal pipe capacity of ½ of an inch.
  • The maximum capacity for the outer diameter is ⅝ of an inch.
  • It has a hardened steel wheel while the body is made of plastic.


  • Since the body is made of lightweight plastic, it allows the steel wheel to make smoother cuts.
  • The spring-loaded cutter also maintains the right kind of pressure around the tube so you get precise cuts.
  • What I like about this reliable Husky product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Despite being an automatic cutter, it is not priced too extravagantly.


  • While it tightens automatically as it turns, at times it may need to be turned several times in order to get a precise cut.
  • Some customers complain that it does not cut through the pipe completely.

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Pipe Cutter [1/8″ – 1 1/8″] Tube Cutter Tool for Copper Pipe, Stainless Steel Tubing

This pipe cutter from Kraftex Store is ideal for cutting copper pipes and more. I find this to be an easy-to-use tool that you simply need to place, adjust and rotate. While most of the pipe cutters that have been reviewed here are for copper tubes, this one can also be used for stainless steel tubes, PVC, aluminum pipes, etc. The following are some of the features, pros and cons of the pipe cutters:


  • The pipe cutter can easily cut tubes from ⅛ of an inch to 1⅛ inches.
  • In addition to copper pipes, it can also be used for stainless steel tubes, aluminum pipes and other types of metals.
  • It comes with an extra blade for more varied cutting.
  • It has a large screw knob that makes it easy to place the pipe or tube for cutting.


  • The pipe cutter is extremely easy to use. You can place the tube into the recess where the blade is and then adjust it to the setting you want. Simply rotate the tube in the tool and your job is done.
  • Since this is a mini cutter, it is great to get into tight spaces and get precise cuts.
  • The extra blade also ensures this tool lasts you much longer.
  • The screw knob has been designed such that you get a proper grip while you are turning it.


  • Some customers reported that the tool is not as great for cutting stainless steel.
  • The pipe tends to wobble at times while turning.

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Milwaukee 2471-21 12-Volt Copper Tubing Cutter Kit

The Milwaukee 12-volt copper tubing cutter kit is a great and durable product that you can use in the tightest spaces. It runs on a 12V lithium-ion battery that gives the cutter a longer runtime. It has a compact and lightweight design that allows for comfortable and efficient use. The following are some of the features, pros, and cons of the pipe cutter:


  • The cutter features automatic adjustment from ⅜ of an inch to 1-inch tubing.
  • The metal cutter head is water resistant so you can use it in a variety of settings without fear of corrosion.
  • There is a 12V lithium-ion battery for a longer runtime.
  • There is a built-in LED light for greater ease of working.


  • The cutter also has an auto-locking mechanism which makes it easy to get a more precise cut without any slipping.
  • The drive mechanism is able to deliver 200 cuts for every charge.
  • The battery fuel gauge will let you know how much runtime is left and warns you when you need to charge the device.
  • The built-in LED also illuminates the surface and makes it easier to see the space you are working in.


  • A few customers have reported that the tool is not very durable and does not last for more than a few cuts.
  • This is not as great at cutting soft copper pipes.

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Things to Consider before Buying

There are a few features that any decent copper pipe cutter should have. The following are some of the things you may want to consider before buying copper pipe cutters:

Ease of Use

One of the first things to think about is how easy the tool is to use. I, personally, like tools that can be used even by an amateur and do not require expertise. All the pipe cutters that I have reviewed above require very little in terms of skill.

You only need to place the pipe in the chamber with the blade and turn the knob to adjust the fit. In at least one of the pipe cutters reviewed above, there is a built-in LED light that will illuminate the workspace. In other words, pick a copper pipe cutter that makes your job easier rather than harder.


While the matter at hand here is that of copper pipe cutters, it would be useful if the cutter could also cut through other types of metal. A cutter should be able to cut through aluminum pipes, stainless steel tubes and even PVC if possible. While the latter can sometimes be tricky for metal cutters to do, a copper pipe cutter should certainly be able to cut through other types of metal.


What is the maximum nominal pipe capacity of the cutter? Can it cut only one size of pipe or is there room for adjustment? Typically, you should be able to adjust the cutter wheel to tighten around pipes of different sizes. Having the cutter slice through only one size of pipe or tube does not make it very versatile.


How precise is the cut? Ideally, the cutter should tighten around the pipe as you turn it, whether this needs to be done manually or automatically. The tighter the cutter can wrap the pipe, the more precise the cut will be as there is no danger of the tool slipping. Of course, the sharpness of the blade is also of paramount importance.

Final Thoughts

The copper pipe cutters that I have reviewed above are some of the best in the market. They are versatile, easy to use and adjust and provide clean and precise cuts. There is something of note in each of these tools.

For example, the C-style cutters can fit easily into any toolkit, the automatic cutter tightens around the pipe as you turn it and there is also a battery-operated one that comes with its own in-built LED light. So, pick the one that works for you best!

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