Thank-You Letters

"Very helpful. I made the chair on page 24 yesterday. Love it! Next, the lamp on page 360. You make it so easy."

Mick Olwain, Washington

"Waaaay past excellent! I knew I was going to learn a lot, but was blown away at the quality & detail. Thanks."

Dorothy Nelson, Indiana

"Holy cow! What you've got here is the ultimate treasure-trove of PVC projects ever assembled. It's one helluva fine reference! With the Encyclopedia, you can make most any project you want with PVC pipe."

K.C. Hanson, California

"I've finished the table on page 31. Your instructions are really easy for me. Next weekend, I'm starting on the bar stool on page 23. Thanks."

Glenda Watkins, Arkansas

"...I love it. Your (PVC Furniture Plans Manual) is my first choice in making items to use at home. There are soooo many things I'll be making for my home and family. I appreciate you."

Dear Brooks,

"I recently purchased your plans for outdoor furniture and am greatly pleased.


Phyllis Carnes

Hey Brooks,

"Thanks for your promptness, time and effort. It isn't often in this day and age that I run into people of your caliber doing business on the Internet.

Again, thank you!"

Mike Villiard, Florida

Hi, Brooks

"I have a plan to make a PVC art piece for my home. Your site and plans have helped me go beyond my dreams.

Just wanted to say thanks."


"What I wanted to say was thank you for what you have put together because it is a magnificent gathering of projects and how to information, not to mention all the other extras and tips.

You were a great find Brooks. Thank you again."


Hi Brooks,

"Those are excellent ideas! I had my show today and ended up using 4-inch PVC with 90 degree elbows and then another standing on end behind it. It came out so well! And very cost effective :)

I will be reading your information on painting next week so I can do that. I LOVE your light idea and will try that next. Thank you so much for your time and suggestions! Your website is great! So many things I never thought of that I will need to try!"


"Brooks... love the site and plans! I have used your advice many times. Now I can bend PVC very nicely.



"Brooks - you da man! Can't believe how quickly you responded! You restoreth my faith in the internet!

Thanks for the suggestions/ideas/detailed directions! They're great!"

Pam Banks

"My brother and his wife have built up a nice business doing this (making PVC furniture)."

Thanx, Ken Johnson, Ohio

"I purchased your first manual, "How to Build PVC Furniture for Fun & Profit" and have enjoyed the knowledge and confidence I've gained turning out PVC furniture for myself and friends. (Thanks for all the info at your web site!)"

Margaret Valle, New York

"I received your manual about a year ago and it has given me many hours of enjoyment. The (manual) has inspired me to... set up a small business. Thanks so much."

Dale Hodges, New York

"Got the PVC Encyclopedia today. THANKS! It's everything you claimed it to be... and more.

I'm a very satisfied customer."

Ty Harding

"I was so pleased with the ever-so-simple instructions that I got cracking right away. The first thing I made was the table on page 19. Since then I've made quite a number of items and am still receiving orders for more. I have not seen a manual with such simple, but effective, instructions. Thanks my friend."

T. N. Fox, Singapore

"Thanks for the speedy shipment of the PVC Furniture manual. We're very pleased with it."

Terry Gant

"I have enjoyed reading (your PVC manual). I'm convinced that there is still a wide-open market for a beginner."

Brenda Hodgkins, Florida

"My friend's sister is making your PVC furniture and is bringing in "big bucks." I love making things with my hands and would like to get in on the action, too."

Gwen Ross, New York

"I must say I was thrilled upon receipt of my PVC manual. Its innovations are unparalled and possibilities unlimited. Thank you."

Frank Bieder, Illinois

"Your PVC pipe furniture manual is superior to others I have read. Thank you."

C. Lewis, Maine

"I've found your PVC manual quite informative and well-written."

D. Beaupre, Canada

"I'm enjoying working with my hands and seeing useful PVC projects that I made myself."

Tom Koboda, Arizona

"A friend of mine who is in the PVC furniture business recommended your PVC Encyclopedia."

Keith Hanken, Pennsylvania

"Your PVC Encyclopedia is a great one and I build and sell the projects from it all the time. Thanks."

Earle Timer, Florida

"I'd like to say that I think your PVC Encyclopedia is fantastic. I especially like the section on bending PVC pipe."

Joe Cole, Virginia

"I received your PVC pipe furniture manual and it's terrific!"

Jim Nobles

"Your (PVC) manual is first class! I've made several pieces of furniture which I still use today."

Ray Hull, Indiana

"Your PVC manual is complete in every respect. It's the most impressive information I have ever received. Thank you."

Dorothy Cleland, California

"My grandson, Kile, has made 6 of the doll furniture and is pleased with his projects. Several people have suggested he sell them at a crafts fair. Thank you!"

Ardis Penworthy, Minnesota

"I just wanted you to know that I called the (national business reporting agency) to check up on you and was give a good report on your company. Here's my order for your PVC manual."

Brenda Steele, Tennessee

"I just love your (PVC) plans. I have been having a lot of fun making the doll furniture."

Helen Schute, Wisconsin

"My sister ordered your PVC furniture manual and is very pleased with it. Now I'd like to order a manual."

Larry Kartchner, Wisconsin

"Your doll furniture plans are wonderful and the items I put together are a real hit with my little girls."

Melanie Rhimes, Vermont

"My wife and I are having good success building and selling doll furniture and youth furniture. Your manual is outstanding and worth every penny. Thanks!"

Joel Peterson, Wisconsin

"It's a very good manual and I'm telling my friends about it."

Lavon Hixon

"Your manual is very well put together and the diagrams easy to understand."

Dwight Cooms, Oklahoma

"Here's another order for your PVC furniture manual. Some dude ran off with my other one so you should be real flattered that people think enough of it to swipe it."

Tex Owens, Texas

"Thanks for your fine instructions that are so simple, anyone can follow them."

R. Beavers, Texas

"You have lived up to everything you said you would do. This is the manual I was looking for. Thank you."

Russ Madrigal, Kansas

"I've built four PVC chairs from your plans and I'm very happy. Thanks."

John Kamenski, Maryland

"I've enjoyed working with PVC pipe. It's sure simple enough. The people around me like the furniture."

Ken Cargill, Virginia

"A course anyone can follow!"

G. Casey, Alabama

"Your company was recommended by New York City College."

Steve Feldman, Ontario

The above unsolicited excerpts are taken from real letters and e-mails written by real people. These letters and others like them amassed over the past several years are kept on file here at the Workshop.

Also, the FTC requires that I make this statement...

"Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and do not necessarily apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results."

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