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Dremel Drill Press

A neat and innovative project from Johnny B. Just goes to show... you
can make nearly anything with PVC pipe when you put your mind to it!

Life Jacket Cart

Life Jacket Storage Rack Seen at a Resort in Oregon

Sports Bottle Drying Rack


As a weekend cyclist, I am often at the wrath of my wife for filling up her dish drying rack with my cleaned water bottles. I came up with a simple, cheap alternative water bottle drying rack.

Using 1/2-inch PVC pipe, I cut 4 pieces to an 8-inch length and 17 pieces to a 1 1/2-inch length. Then I used 8 Tees, 4 Ells and 8 Caps to assemble the rack capable of drying 4 water bottles and their lids. Best part is that when not in use the rack can be folded flat for storing.

Assembly time including cutting pipe: 15 minutes. Cost: under $7.

Pflugerville, TX

Garage Storage Rack

PVC Storage Rack

Frank in North Carolina made this handy storage rack with 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe and 5-way fittings. He says it can be expanded and taken down, if you move.

Lemonade Stand

 PVC Lemonaide Stand

 PVC Lemonaide Stand

Denise C. in California says this lemonade stand was presented as a “kit” that her grandchildren had to put  together in order to use.

Swimming Pool Hose Reel

hose on reel

Hose Reel
unwinding hose by gravity

Hose Reel
unwinding hose

Hose Reel
winding hose

1. The hose is vertically wound on the reel, the interior water of the wet hose can drain out from lower end opening of the hose even after the hose being wound in order.

2. To release any twisting and kinking of the hose in the water, an arm gets the hose untangled in advance of winding on the reel

3. The vertical reel can be removed from the base frame to unwind the hose by gravity (it's fast).

4. It also can carry and store a hose, brush, vacuum head and leaf rake.

Johnny B.

PVC Bike Rack
Bike Rack
Bike Rack
Bike Rack
Bike Rack
I made this first rendition of a bicycle rack with 1-1/2" pipe. I heated the pipe and flattened it to fit onto my hitch. The straps make it pretty stable. I will probably strap it down better as I come up with another idea.

Dunnellon, FL
Football Equipment Stand

PVC Football Stand

John in Park Ridge, IL says, "I made a PVC stand that holds my football helmet and shoulder pads. It has a plywood shelf and hangs my football pants."

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ideas... help... sources... and more!

Putter Stand

Putter Stand
Putter Stand

Putter Stand
With Head Cover

Putter Stand
In Office

Ken in Maylene, Alabama told me "sometimes I like to take a mental break and putt a few balls while in my office. This is a putter stand that I made to put in the corner."
Putter Holder

Putter Holder

Putter Holder

Putter Holder

End Cap

Putter Holder

Tab View
"I also made this putter holder to hang off of the bag strap on golf carts. The way my bag is made, I have to dig past my driver and woods (with head covers) to get to my putter. Very inconvenient. So I made this inexpensive solution that gives easy and quick access to get to the putter."

If you'd like to construct your own Putter Stand & Holder,
Ken shares his plans in PDF format here.

PVC Mister

This is a misting tunnel we made to take to the World Maker Faire in New York this year. It makes a hot day cool, and all you have to do is take a 40-foot walk. (Another example of what can be made by bending PVC pipe.)

Thanks to the BendIt company.


PVC Pergola

This pergola was designed and built by Diana Digs Dirt in Greensboro, NC. Materials included PVC pipe and caps for the vertical detail along the top between the 2x4’s.



Enjoy the wonderful PVC artwork from Dave Schreuder in the Netherlands. He says, "I selected my first 'plant' which I made of 2 PVC pipes and coloured 'artistical green.' The height is 180 centimeters (6 feet) and the width is about 150 centimeters (5 feet).

And the middle one is a palm tree in several green colours. The height is 150 centimeters (5 feet) and the width is 120 centimeters (4 feet). It looks great between the real plants in our garden.

The third artwork (on the right) is called Yin and Yang Connected by Love."

Kayak Frame

PVC Kayak Frame

thanks to...

Alex in Kentucky

PVC Table

PVC Table

Using plans from the PVC Encyclopedia Jan's great-grandma built this nice "friendship table" so she and her neighbor can visit over coffee & snacks in the evenings.

Thanks for the photo, Jan

Canoe Hauler

PVC Canoe Hauler

Built by Dennis in
Belleville, IL

Laundry Bin

PVC Laundry Bin

Here's a laundry bin project that my daughter and I built out of PVC pipe.

My daughter uses five bins, one for each member of her family plus another for towels and things. There is also a bar at the top to hang clothes on when they come out of the dryer. We also added a shelf to the top for stability but it was not painted yet so I did not include it.

Barbara & Nicole
Jacksonville, FL


PVC Awning

PVC Awning
PVC Awning

This is an awning for house windows. They can really dress up a boring facade of any house for not too much money - excluding material which is the biggest cost. I found a supplier of Sunbrella "seconds" at $10.00 per yard and it takes about 1.5 yards for a 4 foot awning. Ripstop nylon was also used, parachute material would also work. Light weight canvas works, too. The end pieces are separate from main covering, as this was an experiment to see if it would hold up.

This spans 4 feet and is a bit wobbly in the center. Anything larger and I would need to figure out a support mechanism or use two smaller ones. And I may reinforce the next awning with 1/8-inch staples.


1/2 inch PVC, 6 - 3 way fittings, 4 - 45 degrees connectors, 6 male to female adapters

Sarah P., RN

Canoe Outrigger

PVC Canoe Outrigger

This is an outrigger on our canoe. We take a lot of family vacations in our Toyota motor home and I am limited as to how much weight I can pull. Most of the time we bring the canoe and a pair of mopeds on a small trailer. The outrigger really makes the canoe stable enough to fish out of.

Scott J., Peoria IL

PVC Boat

PVC Boat

Ashanti and Rodney, both students at a Macon, GA high school, built this boat for their Pre- Engineering class. They used Ύ” PVC pipe.

PVC Boat

They lined the frame of the boat with ½” Styrofoam and sealed the edges and corners, then wrapped it in 4-mil. plastic sheeting.  

PVC Boat

It had to be big enough to carry 2 people across the pond retrieve their flag and then come back to the dock.

Ham Radio Antenna
Ham Radio Antenna

Jeff, KB7NHD, set up a portable HAM radio station providing communications as part of a volunteer effort to support a local bike club's ride event in Springfield, IL.

He built a portable mast using 1" PVC x three 60" sections attached to an old oscillating fan base. This mast supported his 2m / 70cm dual band antenna.

Jeff drilled some holes in the top section just below the antenna mount to attach nylon cord he used to guy the antenna.

He says this portable solution works out well for him and is quick to put up and take down and is easily fitted into his car for transportation.

Another Ham Radio Antenna Set-Up
PVC Ham Antenna

Jimmy taught classes on how to build this Ham Radio antenna with PVC pipe. He says his design has been used on barges along the Illinois river and elsewhere. Many people in Emergency Management for Florida and other states use this and other of his designs because the salt water does not effect them as much as other antennas, mainly because of the use of PVC in the design.

Jimmy Cary, WX9DX

The link to Jimmy's detailed quad design is...

PVC Playhouse

PVC Playhouse

Denise first glued her PVC Playhouse frame in sections so it can be disassembled for storing.

PVC Playhouse

Frame assembled, ready for covering. Note how she used 4-way and 3-way fittings at each corner.

PVC Playhouse

Then she crafted this delightful cover made with outdoor fabric to avoid fading.

PVC Playhouse

Another fun cover. She says her grandkids really enjoy the Playhouse. You can see why. Thanks for sharing, Denise!

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