Here are More Photos of PVC
Projects Other Folks Have Made


Angel in Cincinnati created a fun and playful gym for her parrot. And she came up with a matching...


to adjust the height. 


Angel also made this great project to help elevate dog bowls for larger dogs. She says it helps to keep her dogs from straining their necks. Thanks, Angel!


Juvencio and his grandson, Ian, made this nifty bike rack and they invite you to build one, too. Click here to view their step-by-step plans in PDF format.



Carlos in Miami made this simple pool towel rack with 1 -inch PVC left over from a Jacuzzi project.


Carlos also made this handy shower for his swimming pool...

... and this POOL HANDRAIL that can be easily moved and stored out-of-the-way.


Ed says, "I used 1-inch PVC pipe. A smaller size could be used also. However, for durability, the bigger the better. I used 1/2-inch boards for the cover, jointed to make a 15-inch x 15-inch cover. The handle is 1/2-inch PVC pipe. When planning, take into consideration the size of the trash bag. From there, calculate the dimensions of the Trash Bag Holder and the size of the cover."

Canoe Rack for a Pickup. Great idea. Thanks, Gary!

Dave sent in this photo for a fun Jungle Gym. His granddaughters love playing on it.

Rick designed and built this small-boat trailer made with 1-1/2 and 2-inch PVC pipe.

Well engineered, it easily folds up for storage!

Sue just finished her PVC Gazebo made from Gazebo plans in the PVC Encyclopedia. She modified the roof slightly and added a metal finial to the cupola for a nice finishing touch. Great job, Sue!

Cyd sent this photo of her outdoor foot washer.

Maureen sent these photos of her fun PVC doll furniture projects.

I spotted this target game at a kids play center. It's made with 1/2-inch PVC pipe and fittings. The top two tees aren't glued so the legs can fold back for storage. The balls are regular tennis balls and the target is made with a Velcro material. Looks easy to make and fun to play.

Take a look at this clever PVC pipe fence.

Allen Sent this Photo of the Mast & Boom Cradle He Devised for His Sailboat. Great Idea!

Nursing Home Potty Chair


Rope off Private Areas

Knock-Down Booth at a Craft Show or Fair

Indoor Fencing. (Easy to Make with my Drilling, Cutting & Bending Jigs in the PVC Encyclopedia.)

Fish Gutting Table on a Puget Sound Dock

Lifeguard Chair

Glenn in Chicago got tired of viewing his neighbor's wall. So, with the neighbor's permission, he constructed this trellis. During spring and summer, he hangs potted plants on it. In the winter, it's used for Christmas lights, wreaths and snowflakes.

"Sure cheers up the dining room," Glenn says.

Yep, that's a four poster bed made entirely with PVC pipe and MDO plywood for the bedboards. The head and footboard are removable. Doug says it's rock solid. He tells me that plans for the bed, as well as other projects are now available.

Shannon in NC sent this photo of her clever swing/gym she made for her parrot, Casey.

Free Bunk Bed Plans are Available from Mark.

This PVC trailer comes from Bill in Tennessee. One of the neat features is it pivots on the axel for dumping.

  There are thousands of fun and useful projects
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Covered with Netting, Painted and then Filled with Plastic Balls, this Play Structure Becomes an Indoor Ball Pit. Door/Ramp Swings Upward with Slip Tees as Hinges. Thanks, Craig.

This Contraption is a Reclining Shower Chair Built for a Nursing Home. Even has a Toilet Seat Attached. Apparently It Works Like a Charm! Courtesy of Molly in California.

Laundry Bin Made for a Nursing Home in California. (I Can't Quite Make Out How the Pedals Work to Open the Lids.) Anyway, Thanks Again, Molly.

Time Capsule from Pat in Centralia, WA. Many Years Ago, a Company Sold a Bunch of These Things by Mail Order. Business Idea for You?

Now This Will Get the Fire Department's Attention. Thanks to Ray in Arkansas.

Tree Cover submitted by Bim in Oklahoma. He uses it to keep springtime cottonwood blooms off his small trees. Also ideal to keep deer and other animals from destroying newly planted trees and shrubs. Cover the PVC frame with fiberglass screen door material and fasten it to the pipe with cable ties.

On a recent trip, I noticed this towel hamper at the hotel pool. Could be modified for use as a clothes hamper at home. Or?

Tammie and her family built this version of my
Bolo Ball game plans found the PVC Encyclopedia.

Susan, a grade school teacher, made the bus and Sassy the giraffe framed with PVC pipe and fittings. She's also finishing up this neat cabana. Note the child's PVC chair.

John in Wisconsin built this handy Canoe Caddy. You can, too. Here's his instructions:

You can buy these for $75 in the sporting stores, but why not build one in about an hour? It supports a boat up to 200 lbs.

12 ft. of 1-1/4" PVC pipe
4 elbows
4 caps (through which the axles are inserted)
One metal axle and two wheels
Some kind of strap to spread caddy legs when hauling boat (see the brown one I use)

One leg to steady caddy when boat is placed on top two of the legs should be shorter to allow them to fold into longer legs add a strap of your choice to wrap around boat/canoe to secure during

Thanks, John!




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