Yard 'n Garden

Build Your Own Raised-Bed Cold Frame

Make this Cute PVC Toad House

Build a Garden Trellis with PVC Pipe

Composting with a PVC Worm Tube

Aquaponic Vegetable & Fish Farm

PVC Worm Tower

Grow Light

PVC Yard Refuse Stand

How to Make a Seed Planter

PVC Plant Holders

Squash & Cucumber Arch

Easy Tomato Cage

Vertical Strawberry Planter

PVC Tomato Trellis

PVC Hoop House

PVC Cold Frame

Build a Mason Bee Hotel

PVC Tomato Cage

PVC Planters

PVC Aquatic Garden

Outdoors & Sports

Tent Weights

Make Accessories for Your Kayak

Personal Water Craft Stand

Build a Simple, Portable PVC Target Stand

Fly Rod Case Plans

Simple Sunfish Dolly

Kayak Stand

Fishing Rod Holder for Your Bike

PVC Canoe

Make a Backpack Frame

Soccer Goal

Skateboard Racks

Squat Exercising Aid

PVC Bike Rack

Flag Pole for "Tailgaters"

The Ultimate Bodyweight Gym

PVC Longbow

PVC Arrow Case


Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Broken Golf Tee Holder

Fishing Line Recycling Bin

Target Stand

Another Bike Rack

Soccer Goal

PVC Catfish Bait Chum Dispenser

PVC Dove Tree

Make PVC Catfishing Jugs

10 PVC Fishing Projects

PVC Ground Blind

PVC Bow Stand

Fishing Cart

PVC Pipe
Floating Raft

PVC Bicycle Flashlight Mount

Kids Stuff

Play Tent

Indoor Fort for Kids

Make a Buckyball

Play Set

Kids Play Tent

Children's Art Project

Kids Playhouse

Kids Puppet Theater


Build this Fort for Kids


Kids Water Fun

 Bike Wash

How to Make a Kids PVC Bow & Arrow

PVC Canopy

Make a Kazoo

PVC Water Cannon

PVC Lemonade Stand

Kids Toy
Wind Turbine

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You Name It!

Electronics & Cameras

Video Camera "Steadicam"

Digicam Sighting Tube for Framing Action Videos

Dirt-Cheap PVC Camera Lens

Mobile Photo Shooting Center

Shop & Garage

Scroll Saw Blade Holder Plans

Build a Simple Paint Booth

Steam "Box" to Bend Wood

Powerful PVC Water Pump

How to Make a PVC Blast Gate


Make a Simple Flute

A Simple Didgeridoo

PVC Pipe Instrument

Make a PVC Xylophone Instrument

PVC Flute with
3-D Printed
Mouth & End Pieces

Discover How
to Make
Things with
PVC Pipe

Furniture - Games
Tools - Crafts
Gifts - Gadgets
Gizmos - More!
Tips - Ideas
Free Plans
Free Help

Pets & Animals

Chickadee Nest Tube

Loon Nesting Platform

Neat Chicken Feeder

Spider Block for Fish

Dog Gate

PVC Chicken Feeder

Bird Feeder

  PVC Chicken Coop Plans

Elevated Dog Bed

Sugar Glider Cage

Another PVC Chicken Feeder

Dog Washer

PVC Chicken Coop

PVC Cat Tree


How to Make PVC Candles

Portable Quilt Design Wall

PVC Fence

Soap Mold

Garbage Can "Corral"

How to Make PVC Curtain Rods

Handy Sink Stand Made with PVC Pipe

Modern PVC Pipe Dresser Makeover

Cute Shoe Rack

Build  a Light Wall of Light from Bed Sheets and PVC

Update Your Dresser with PVC Pipe

Another Soap Mold

Bud Vase

Pool Towel Rack

Curtain Rods

Outdoors Umbrella Holder

Control Your Undies!

Razor Holder for Shower

PVC Shower Rack

Tame Underdesk Cable Clutter

Poolside Towel Rack

PVC Shoe Rack

Laundry Sorting Bin

Everything Else

Airplane Storage Rack

Portable Projector Screen

Hydrant Geocache

Outdoor Movie Screen

Simple Pipette Stand

Cute PVC Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Snowman and Snowflake

PVC Weaving Loom

PVC Pumpkin Spider

Stretching Exercise with PVC Pipe

PVC Soap Mold

Lawn Striper

Survival Cache

GoPro Stand

PVC Christmas Tree

Knit a Blanket with PVC Pipe

Another Cute PVC
Christmas Tree

PVC Pipe Bracelets

PVC Needlework Lapstand

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