How to Make Money with
Your PVC Projects

If you enjoy making things with PVC and would enjoy a lucrative home-based business, full or part-time, this may be perfect for you.

          You can start for near zero out-of-pocket cost in your garage, shop, basement or a corner of a spare room. Anywhere you can set up a table and chair.

          It can be worked part time for extra money. Then, as it grows to the point where it's paying more than your current salary, you can expand into a full time operation whenever you want.

          It's a venture that's good year 'round. And it's an opportunity where the income potential is limited only by your own ambition.

          Another thing: the risk of failure is low. As far as I'm concerned, there are just three reasons why someone could fail in this business...

1. They're lazy and don't do the work
2. They don't follow sound business practices
3. They don't follow instructions

          So, how much money can you make?

Let Me Give You Three Examples
of What Others are Doing

In Arizona three years ago I met a guy who was offering simple PVC marshmallow shooters at a local year 'round street fair. I introduced myself and we got to gabbing. He confided that he was selling around 30 of 'em a day at $5.00 to $7.00 apiece, depending on the style. (They cost him about a buck each to make.)

A friend of mine, Jim in Florida, is doing a pretty brisk business making decorative PVC yard birds. He tells me he sells 4 or 5 a day for 25 bucks each to local folks as well as on e-Bay. It takes him about an hour and $3 to create one. Jim's little "money-hobby" makes a dandy addition to his retirement income.

Pat in New York assembles PVC bird houses (like the "Easy 15-minute Bird House" plans on the Free Plans page) and sells 'em for 40 bucks apiece.

          Want more proof?

          Search "PVC Pipe" at There you'll find loads of folks offering their PVC items to waiting buyers.

So Why Can I Help You
Make Money with PVC?

          Since the late 70's I've designed and built furniture made with PVC pipe and fittings, along with hundreds of other PVC projects. Which, in turn, led to my first PVC "how-to" manual. Happily, throughout the 80's and 90's it was the PVC Furniture business bible (although it's now out of print). Over the years I've experimented, created, built things and just plain had fun with stuff made with PVC. Sold a bunch, too.

          In addition, I've shown thousands of folks in 41 countries how to do it. I've taught them tricks-of-the-trade, little-known secrets and how-to techniques.

PVC Manual

          Who would buyers of your products be?

          Well, they include...

home owners, offices, resorts, motels, hotels, apartments, condos,
retirement homes, online shoppers, churches, daycare centers,
senior care centers, landlords, decorators, country clubs,
restaurants, cafes, taverns, pubs, marinas, RV parks,
arts 'n craft galleries, organizations of all kinds,
as well as folks wanting unique gifts,
and useful items for themselves

          The list goes on and on! And I'll show you exactly how to reach these buyers.

Easy, Quick Start

          To help you get up and running quickly and smoothly, I've detailed the proven techniques, strategies and methods I've amassed for over 38 years into a puts-you-in-business course.

"My wife and I are having good success building and selling doll furniture and youth furniture. Your (course) is outstanding and worth every penny. Thanks!"
Joel Peterson, Wisconsin

"My friend's sister is making your PVC furniture and is bringing in 'big bucks.' I love making things with my hands and would like to get in on the action, too."
Gwen Ross, New York

"I was so pleased with the ever-so-simple instructions that I got cracking right away. The first thing I made was the table on page 19. Since then I've made quite a number of items and am still receiving orders for more. I have not seen a (business course) with such simple, but effective, instructions. Thanks my friend."
T. N. Fox, Singapore

Mr. Owen's in-depth course has been instrumental in guiding us through the stages of laying the foundation and giving us a head start to getting our PVC furniture business set up. His manual covers everything, and saved us a lot of time and money."
Bob Paxton
Freedom Designs, California

          The course is organized in logical, easy-to-follow steps. And is uniquely different because you'll be shown professional, established procedures for making money with your PVC projects. Not just what to do, but also how and why and when and where. Everything you need to succeed... from a small one-person venture to a full-blown, store-front business with employees.

          It's all detailed in

How to Make Money
with Your PVC Projects

          Here's what it includes...

Section One:

Starting and Running a Successful PVC Business from Home
How to Turn What You Love into Profits
How to Sell Your PVC Projects
Let's Snoop Around the Marketplace
You Gotta Tell People What You've Got
How to Create a Powerful Ad to Bring You a Crowd of Customers
How to Get Publicity... Free
Getting Your PVC Projects into Catalogs
Creative Ways to Make Money with Your PVC Projects
17 Additional Proved Ways to Make Money

Section Two:

How to Run Your PVC Business Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Section Three:

When You're Ready... How to Sell Your Business

In Addition...

          For a short time, I'll include How to Sell Your PVC Products Online by Internet Consultant, Ed Simpson. Ed will take you each step of the way to help you establish a successful Internet business... the same way he helped me.


          You'll also get "the PVC Marketeer" (How to Write Powerful, Tiny Ads that Can Build Your PVC Business Faster). Based on my 38+ years this bonus manual will help you get your items to market faster, easier, at lower cost. Truth is, I've been doing this a long, long time. So I know "the PVC Marketeer" is a must-have if you want to succeed in a PVC business of your own. And, for a limited time, it's FREE with "How to Make Money with Your PVC Projects."

          Plus you'll get free help. You're not alone. If you have questions or need help, all you have to do is ask. Anytime.

          Here's my promise: by the time you get through the course, you'll know precisely how to make good money with your PVC items.

          My proved methods help you start fast. No matter what your background, age or education. No matter where you live.

          It won't cost an arm and a leg to begin. Men, women, young and old can profit with quality PVC products. I've done it. Others have done it. And you can too!

PVC Biz Course Cover
Try It Out for As Long As You Want - Risk Free!

          So go ahead. Look it over and consider all the possibilities.

          Then if you decide later you've changed your mind... if you don't make the kind of money you're looking for... if you're not happy for any reason... just tell me. Anytime. And I'll send every penny right back to you. Pronto. No questions. No nonsense. No phone-baloney. And you can even keep the manual as my thanks for giving it a try.

          Now, if you're ready to boost your income...

Here's How to Get
Your Personal Copy

          The 249-page in-depth course is only $17. Less than a half tank of gas. And you can own a copy by clicking on the PayPal button below.

Order Button

          As soon as you do, your course will be instantly downloaded to your computer and you can start digging in. I know you'll find this will be an enjoyable way to make money while having fun with PVC projects.

          Let me hear from you soon.

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