How to Cut PVC Pipe
from the Inside

by Brooks Owen

Need to trim PVC or ABS pipe below floor level or above the ceiling? As an example: for cutting below floor level for shower, bath or other drain installations, above the ceiling to fix sprinklers, to re-install toilet drain fittings, or to fix a PVC pipe inside a difficult cabinet location.

Here’s a cheap, easy, quick solution...

Tools Needed

Internal Pipe Cutter

Electric or Cordless Drill (to drive the Cutter)


Measure the depth you want to cut, secure the cutter into your drill and mark the shaft for the depth. (Use short strip of masking tape to mark the depth, if necessary.)

Be sure your drill is set to "forward," insert the cutter shaft into the pipe stopping at the depth mark. Turn on the drill and carefully rotate the spinning cutter around the inside the pipe until it’s cut. Remove the cut pipe.


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