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I thought perhaps you'd like to know a bit about who's behind The PVC Workshop. No, it's not some big, faceless corporation. It's just me, Brooks Owen with my shirtsleeves rolled up and PVC glue on my jeans. Someone you can turn to for hand-on-shoulder help with your PVC projects when you need it.

     If you're interested, here's my story (the short version)...

     In the late 70's a friend got me fired-up about PVC pipe and all the things that could be made from it. We experimented and put together a few items on my garage workbench. Shortly, a couple of friends wanted some chairs made for them.

     I was hooked.

    So I proceeded to design and build furniture made with PVC pipe and fittings, along with dozens of other PVC projects. Which, in turn, led to my first PVC "how-to" manual. Happily, throughout the '80s and 90's it was the PVC Furniture how-to bible (although it's now out of print). Over the years I've experimented, created, built things and just plain had fun with stuff made with PVC. Sold a bunch, too.
     In addition, I've shown thousands of folks in 37 countries how to do it. I've taught them tricks-of-the-trade, little-known secrets and how-to techniques.

Still a Big Hit

     Anyway, items made with PVC are as popular today as when I first began helping pioneer these specialty products. You can find stores all around the world selling quality PVC furniture. What's more, small at-home shops and craftspeople are making and selling all sorts of things made with PVC. 

    And manufacturers are fabricating pipe and fittings specifically for furniture and other PVC projects. There's
that much demand.

     I guess that's why I'm still at it after all these years, coming up with new stuff that can be made with common, low-cost, versatile PVC.

     Well, that's my story in a nutshell. I'm always happy to hear from you and answer questions.

     So thanks for visiting the PVC Workshop. Please drop me a note and tell me what you think, what you want to see added to the PVC Encyclopedia, what you like or don't like, what kinds of plans you'd like to have. Or whatever.

     In the meantime...

Keep Smilin',

Brooks Owen,
Proprietor of the PVC Workshop


text and photos herein are copyright 2000 - 2017 by Brooks Owen
All Worldwide Rights Reserved

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